Crayons made from delicious foods


These beautiful crayons are made with an array of colorful edible ingredients including marshmallows, dried bananas, bee pollen, and wild sesame. Want.



Luxirare [via Gizmodo]


    1. My dog used to love to eat regular crayons. Taking him for a walk in the pre-pooper-scooper days was a blast.

      Wow. I really should not use “pooper-scooper” and “blast” in the same sentence.

  1. I like the idea- these would be fun. I would say I think you should only give these to people over a certain age. I wonder how old young kids need to be to realize that just because some crayons are tasty, not all are.

  2. The orange ones may be the only food that lists both dried carrots AND fruity pebbles as ingredients.

  3. A friend of my wife’s has recently started making and selling paint in “botanically crafted colors made from fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices”, non-toxic, sustainable, and biodegradable, though I don’t see anything on their website about the paint being specifically edible…

    1. @AllisonWunderland #13
      I *need* awesome stuff like this. I need it to exist, at the very least.
      Because creativity and humour are two of the few things to make life in this screwed up world worth living :/

  4. But can you color with it?

    Because if you can’t, it isn’t really a crayon, is it? It’s just processed extruded vegetable material, like a fruit roll-up.

  5. A kid in third grade used to drink ink and eat minty library paste. For the yuk factor. Caryons you say? Piece of cake for our Melvin.

  6. Would giving the green ones to your kids be a good way to trick them into eating their vegetables?

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