Eggshell art


Franc Grom, a Slovenian artist, makes these amazing designs by drilling holes into egg shells. He has made over 300 so far; sometimes it takes him months to finish a single piece.

via WebUrbanist


  1. This is amazing, I’m going to check it out…wonder when there will be a show in the States.

  2. Gorgeous!

    Hmmm… I suddenly have an idea for what to do with my laser cutter – a little carbon powder on the egg, and a DC motor rotation spindle – poof! Now I can open a mall-kiosk and make *millions*. :-)


    1. @Tomooj, my thoughts exactly! I saw an egg decorator at this year’s Maker’s Faire, using a rotational plotter. Seems like most of the tools needed are already done.

      Name suggestions for the franchise? Let’s see:

      egg is stencil
      the yolks on you
      cluck, cluck, bling!

      (ok, enuf)

  3. Would it be cheating to increase the structural integrity of the shells by filling them with wax first?

    Well, for the franchise, I guess not, but you would have to tune the power well enough so that the laser doesn’t vaporize too much of the wax.

  4. Google “Pysanki” for awesome egg art.

    Slavs have always been among the best at egg arts.

  5. If was making art from an egg-shell, the damn thing would break in my hands in like five-seconds.

    The talent of some people never ceases to amaze me.

  6. It is wonderful I am triing to do such a eggs but I am beginer. I can’t stop looking to your drilled eggs

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