Mark's new book: Made by Hand


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  1. Eric R says:

    I’m really looking forward to this. I bought a copy of the Happy Mutant Handbook back when it came out and fell in love with it. I feel like when I discovered Boing Boing I found out where that happy mutants went. Only just now did I realize when I looked at that you were one of the co-authors!

    Here’s to remaining a happy mutant. :)

  2. Michael H says:

    Im hoping for an audio or PDF version – although Amazon was offering the book at a great price, the only shipping method that got the book to me within a week (“Priority International Shipping”) was over double the price of the book itself.

  3. Mushimatosis says:

    Sounds really good, say, I’m interested in building my own swarmatron, noone, would, by any chance gave a hold on some kind of instructions or something?

  4. lookinland says:

    My uke is made by the hand of man. My hair style is made by the hand of God.

  5. Avi Solomon says:

    Looking forward to reading it. You should add Seth Godin’s fantastic review to your list:

  6. wormspit says:

    What a neat approach! I’ve been doing a lot of hands-on things for many years, and I think it really does impact our quality of life. The book sounds great – what section of a local bookstore would they put this in? Does it fall under “crafts”? Or “home improvement?”

  7. Anonymous says:

    I cannot find this book for sale at Maker Shed.
    It does not appear to be available for sale there – and a search for ‘Made by hand’ produces no results…

    thought you would want to know.

  8. arkizzle / Moderator says:

    Nice reviews Mark! I can’t wait to get into this :)

  9. haa says:

    After reading Seth’s glowing review I wanted to read this book on my 13 hour flight tomorrow. Buy the eBook, right? But no… I am now allowed to buy it: Amazon’s Kindle edition says “… not available for customers from your location” and there doesn’t seem to be another ebook option I could use. It’s probably a (stupid) publisher policy.

    People who buy lots of books — the best customers — are flocking to e-books because of the convenience — especially those who follow online blogs actively. After getting the Kindle and now iPad I haven’t bought a single physical book, they are just too cumbersome e.g. when traveling.

    The book sounds great. But now I won’t be finding about it, thanks to the policies of the publisher chosen by the author.

    Note to authors: The worst disconnect and disappointment happens between *you* and *your fans* when your publisher lets you down. You can not just blame the publisher any more, as we all know that you have to be careful in selecting a publisher and that some of them have figured out how the new online world works.

    • Michael H says:

      Totally in agreement. Knocked back by the kindle store.. Knocked by Audible.. Sony ebook store.. Once they find out i’m outside of America i get denied. I’m hoping that at some point the local publishers get around to releasing this book.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Your book sounds very interesting! I tried to “read a couple sample chapters” but it didn’t work.
    The error said that the file was damaged.

  11. Dave Faris says:

    Congratulations, Mark! I look forward to reading this.

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