USB cufflinks

wgancufflinks.jpg These USB drives disguised as cufflinks are not bad-looking, but I tend to think that gadgets and jewelry should be two separate things. What do you think?

4GB USB flash drive cufflinks [ via Gadget Lab]


  1. I tend to think that gadgets and jewelry should be two separate things. What do you think?


  2. When was the last time that I saw someone wearing cuff links *while* using a computer? Never.

  3. Waterlilygirl hit the nail on the head.

    I guess I might ask the question : why even have cufflinks or a tie tack or anything like that at all if they *aren’t* a gadget of some sort?

  4. When the plug gets bigger than the device it’s time for a redesign. Perhaps I could suggest a plug that you don’t always try to put in upside down next time.

  5. And yet, I would totally buy / wear those, provided that the case joined nicely and the material was actually decent. For those of us who deal with both suits and data, not having to fish around for a thumb-drive in a larger laptop bag / pocket would let you keep a little more poise / control in a meeting.

    1. I understand that on warmer days, you’d probably doff the jacket, but couldn’t you just slip a data drive into your jacket pocket?

  6. I like them bc the bit that sticks out of the computer is tiny. I’m tired of my USB memory sticks that I almost snap off at least once a day!

    Memory is now cheap and tiny, why couldn’t all memory sticks be this size?

  7. Has anyone EVER worn cuff links?
    If you break one do you get a 404 error?
    I personally think everything should have at least 3 uses. It would be a Swiss army world…

  8. Brilliant. These would save me a lot of money. I always lose flash drives, and I always lose cuff links. With these I’d only be losing one thing at a time.

    But seriously. While I find them damnably attractive, geek appeal and evening wear just do not go.

  9. Very Bond-y. Definitely just the thing for stealing data at a white-tie event—something I really never expect to do.

  10. My need for USB drives is far more frequent than my need for cuff links.

    In fact, I am unlikely to need a USB drive most times that I am wearing cuff links.

    The people I can think of that wear cuff link appropriate shirts frequently are all management. They don’t need a lot of tech gadgets either.

    Basically, these look cute but useless to me.

  11. No matter what “it” is, if it can be worn, some will wear it; and then others will wear it out.

  12. Given how tiny and cheap USB flash drives can get (the Sony Micro Vault drives are the smallest I’ve seen, with the clever flat connector), I’m surprised that we don’t see them built into all sorts of things. Practically everyone I know carries some sort of data storage around with them, so there’s clearly a market for small, hard-to-lose storage.

    One of my back-burner projects is to make a small, stylish pendant (or cavity in a watch strap) that will hold one of those sony drives to let me carry some precious data around. Originally it was intended as a sort of digital locket for keeping all of my PhD data and articles on me (I got weirdly attached to it while I was writing). Now I’ve finished I’d carry some photo albums, music, a small bootable linux iso for using computers I don’t trust, eBooks, etc. Somewhere in function between a locket and a library.

    I’m not saying it’d be a mainstream product, but I bet that they’d make headway somewhere with a geek audience like thinkgeek, boingboing bazaar, etc.

  13. Now I can finally smuggle illegal data across the border without being assaulted by guards!

  14. “First you use machines, then you wear machines, and then …? Then you serve machines.”

    Seems appropriate.

    1. But what do you serve them? Mechano-cheeseburgers and oil shakes? Tossed bolts with lube?

  15. I think you guys cream your jeans every time an impossible-to-use wristwatch gets made, and thus you shouldn’t try to pass judgment on anything, like, ever.

  16. If I could remember where I’d put them, I have some Georg Jensen silver cufflinks that are probably 50 years old and still look perfectly stylish. (Or would if I had any French cuff shirts to wear them with.)

    These are quite nice looking, but in a few years at the rate things are going the smallest cheapest flash drives will be 128GB. Will 4GB flash drive cufflinks still seem so cool 5 years from now? Will you even be able to find a computer with USB 10 years from now, or will it have gone the way of the floppy?

    The lifetime of nice jewelry is a lot longer than the expected lifetime of computer technology. To me it seems obvious to keep them separate.

    1. Or, alternately, you can look at it as a piece of jewlery that will still be attractive in 50 years, even if the technological geegaw it comes with is obsolete. And in 50 years, I suspect the fact it comes with a hidden USB drive will be a feature, like the Victorian gadgets that pop up on BB periodically.

      That doesn’t save the fact that 10 years from now they’ll be considered tacky – but that happens with jewelry too. Fashion is cyclic.

      1. Good point – it had never occurred to me to buy (or evaluate) things on the strength of how they will appear when they’re retro. Now that you put it that way, that’s a pleasantly warped thought.

    2. What I’d love to see is jewelry (cufflinks, pocket watch, etc.) designed to hold replaceable guts. So, get a watch shell with a cell phone in the guts, and just replace the guts every year or two.

  17. i would like to see those combined with a chep dictaphone. you know – press a button, speak a few numberplates into your cufflinks, press again.

    what good are electronic cufflinks if you cannot talk into them?

  18. In 30 years, these will be a delightfully retro thing to wear. Except, they’re not ostentatiously 4G-USB enough. They should have the logo and capacity stamped into them.

  19. Why doesn’t the part with the memory shake out of the part with the clasp, fall on the ground, and get lost forever, about the tenth time you shake your wrist?

  20. chuckles at all the “who even wears cuff links” type comments. Lots of people wear suits to work, often with a double cuff too.

    Although I have to admit I generally only wear cuff links on special occasions.

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