Mike Tyson: "Earl Grey sucks"

Understanding Mike Tyson's breakfast ritual.


  1. Hadn’t realized boingboing was into folks who practice domestic violence, bite ears, and are just generally rotten human beings.

    1. “Hadn’t realized boingboing was into folks who practice domestic violence, bite ears, and are just generally rotten human beings.”

      Hadn’t realized that posting this odd video meant I was “into” Mike Tyson.

        1. Filthy canoli shill! For the record, I cannot get enough Mike Tyson. It’s like a horrible car wreck from which I cannot look away. The Tyson documentary from the year before was excellent.

    2. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! How could a nice guy like Reese Waters practice domestic violence, bite ears, and generally just be a rotten human being? For shame, boingboing.

      Its nice to see Mike Tyson again, though. What a charmer!

  2. “Earl Grey sucks?” Man, Captain Picard and I are going to have take you out for that.

  3. After I saw James Toback’s documentary Tyson, I thought I probably would have taken a chunk out of Holyfield’s ear too.

  4. More canoles for me,then!

    “Ygeagh, itsch me taguing on the northchitty pigeon cghrew!”

    Mike, don’t talk with your mouth full.

  5. Hey…and Mike has been around! It ain’t Yoo Hoo but he’ll drink it for polite.

  6. I was on the edge of my seat when he offered the cannoli for the third time. I figured that would be enough to send Tyson into a murderous rage.

  7. I have to say, this video was very weird and enjoyable. I kept waiting for Tyson to lose it or break something, but he seemed really calm. When he was describing his relationship with cannoli, he was really put together and almost–geeky.

    I liked it, although I’m still a bit disturbed by it.

  8. “Bergamot essence in Earl Grey tea, when consumed in
    excess, may induce muscle cramps, fasciculations,
    paraesthesias and blurred vision.”


    Please consume your tea responsibly, without additives.

  9. Chamomile tea is excellent! Give Mike a break, when I was younger (don’t trust anyone UNDER 30!) I don’t know how I would’ve acted/ended up having 10’s of millions to blow. I think he’s a decent guy, if your intimidated by 250 pound ripped grown men near you acting…sane, avoid Mike like the plague!

  10. I didn’t realize until i started watching this that it wasn’t about Earl Greyhound sucking.

  11. Mike Tyson has always had interesting things to say and I always appreciate the opportunity to hear him speak. It is a little disappointing to see the negative comments from people seeking continued punishment for his past crimes. He has paid for his wrongs (and then some).

    We can all profit from his lucid remarks about snap judgment in this video. He understands the mechanism behind his refusal to eat cannoli as a long history of seeing the effects.

  12. Okay, so I think that Earl Grey sucks, I hate cannolis & I really like honey.
    Does this make me more like Mike than I wish to admit?

    Enjoyed this clip.
    Really loved the Toback doc.
    Who is Reese Waters?

  13. There’s a compilation video of Mike out there from his glory days of bitin’ and rapin’ and fightin’. The number of times he insists a female interviewer fornicate with him before he answers questions is porn of the highest mark.

    I don’t think anyone is trying to forgive Mike for the RAPE CONVICTION. I am not sure if justice has been served toward Mike Tyson for his rape conviction, but I do know he is not currently in prison, and once was.

    I do not expect many here to accept this Tyson video, and anyone who can’t imagine how easily this subject matter can offend and jump to the conclusion the same folks are merely intimidated by his boxing career and presence is just being small minded and dismissive. I’m sure the individuals pointing out the RAPE CONVICTION would be very delighted to see someone like, say, George Foreman, in the shoes of Mike Tyson in the same setting and the same video.

    This aside, I personally do not look at this video and see big flashing lights RAPE CONVICTION in my mind. I’ve already gone through that with the whole Robert Downey Jr./Brooke-f’n-Shields/Tyson cuckold scene. For chrissakes, the shock value of the Earl Grey scene after that shiznick is just not even on the scale.

    So sorry, to me, this is still a brilliant, beautiful piece of art, just as I’d say about Picasso’s many odes to the bull fighters of Spain, even though I think those caballeros are asshats just as much as I feel that about professional boxers on a whole, not just the ones with a RAPE CONVICTION.

    I just compared Pablo Picasso to an asshole. Is it Caturday now?

  14. i think there’s clear legitimacy to both angles on tyson, his history and being able to allow yourself to enjoy this video…

    not to mention allowing him to enjoy himself in it (which he clearly does) after all the awful things he’s been through — both those inflicted upon him and those by his own hand.

    i will say that if you haven’t watched even 10 minutes of the tyson documentary that someone mentioned above, you really should. it’s very balanced and sensitive. i think it’s still available on demand on netflix.

  15. I can’t believe it, this is a first: the YouTube comments to this video are more open minded than the Boing Boing comments.

  16. For all the haters, see James Toback’s “Tyson.” You won’t necessarily like him, but you’ll have a more fascinated life.

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