Funny anti-parkour sign

Ryan sez, "I was taking my kids to a public park in Winter Park, FL this weekend. I noticed this sign stating 'No Par Core'. I made sure my kids didn't jump over any of the tires or backflip off of the swings."

No Par Core


  1. “You lot, just keep on hangin’ on them monkey bars! We don’t go in for any of that la-chay ’round here.”

  2. I am imagining the following in the movie guy’s voice from 99% of all US movie trailers:

    “In the City of Paranoia, the park closes at sun down. No one is allowed to move quickly from point to point, using only their own bodies, until HE came to town…(cue inspirational moderate rock song, and then straight into a montage of some dude evading everyone by flinging himself all through the park). PARKOUR 2010…watch it…IF YOU DARE!”

    It would have been nice if they had maybe checked on the spelling first.

  3. So, wait, you’re saying that it doesn’t matter how many strokes it takes for one to hit the golf ball into the center of the Earth?

  4. The suffix “-core” has been added to a lot of different music genres. I wonder what Par Core would sound like… punk music to golf to?

  5. I walk by that sign all the time. Who would have thought that taking a picture could get me on the front page of boing boing? Guess I should start snapping some more.

  6. a little white and black paint and that sign could easily say: “NO HARDCORE”

    someone please hack that sign.

    1. Such a childish mind I have:



      There are already the right number of letters to paint over…

  7. We have a sign near the field where (where the teens go to park) that says “No Hard Ball Play.”
    I snicker every time.

  8. The might as well just take the “play” out of the top sign. Where do you draw the line between some kid deciding it’s fun to jump off the top of the play set and some Parkour enthusiast. I imagine someone standing around with a pictorial guide to parkour moves, watching the kids and leafing furiously through the manual to make sure no parkour moves are attempted.

  9. it’s interesting, as a skateboarder. to see parkour being slowly clamped down apon in cities. much like skating. under a basically incorrect legal thinking of “liability”. the distain people have for using objects and eenvironments in the way that was not “indented” , or “socially exceptable”, is something that would probably make a pretty good thesis. but i’m to busy skating. i mean really. just give me one more try.. one more?

  10. So, if I understand this correctly, children are not allowed to run, jump, or climb, at a playground.


    1. … and don’t even THINK about doing any of that wrong-thinking stuff after sunset!

      On the other hand, maybe that’s just when the vampires and such come out … what say you Hans Davies and Anon#10?

  11. The funny thing is this sign made me remember that at many public parks I grew up visiting, there were ‘parcourses’ otherwise known as fitness trails. On further research, it seems that these trails and the sport of ‘parkour’ or free running, both developed from military fitness trails. I do wonder which ‘par course’ they are actually referring to on this sign.

    1. Good thing too. Bob Hope’s short lived rapping career was terrible. It was just sad seeing him try to get people to call him B.Ho.

  12. @skeletoncityrepeater

    There is a par course directly behind this playground. It’s got neat tai chi wheels.

    and about a month ago, I did see some kids actually doing parkour on this playgound…

  13. So I took out my driver
    Cause it was a par fiver
    Cause its time to get it on
    Teeing off just after dawn

    Oh sorry. My bad.

  14. @18: they are allowed, but not sequentially at anything approaching a rapid speed.

  15. New sign added.

    “That which is free must not to be fun. That which is fun must not to be free.

    –Your Friendly Local Govt.”

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