Image: While you were Tetrising...

danielrobotgameboy.jpg Nick 'Hammo' Hamilton on the dangers of Game Boy distraction. [via Tiny Cartridge]


  1. I’m not sure I see the ‘danger’ here. The robot looks super friendly, like its strolling casually down the street, wondering “Hey there, whatcha doing?”

    Gorgeous illustration!

  2. Wow, I love how casual and at ease the giant robot looks. As well, I’ve been that kid before, in a sense. Very nicely done. Print ordered!

  3. I would like to know what country that is supposed to be. It looks either Latin American or Mediterranean to me, but the car’s registration plate looks British.

  4. We rely on these little engagements while the world makes itself more and more ahead of us

  5. Judging by the comments, it’s the Rorschach robot.
    But yes, thought of Plain Sight too.

  6. yes, that was me at 10, I probably would have gotten grouchy at the robot too for blocking the very particular level of light gen1 gameboys would have needed

  7. Hum… British style license places with hanging signs and window mounted air-conditioners… looks like Hong Kong to me…

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