Lamp made out of egg cartons


via Moco Loco


  1. Funny, because a lamp shining way too close on some egg cartons (our housemates were IDIOTS) is what started a fire in my old home.

  2. If the illumination is from LEDs this might work, otherwise…. not such a good idea.

    While molded pulp is used for making egg cartons, it’s actually used for making LOTS of things:

    How It’s Made:
    Moulded Pulp Containers

  3. As it’s pretty well known, paper will only catch fire at 451 Fahrenheit. A 100W incandescent light bulb will only be around 257º F, so this is perfectly safe for a 40/60W bulb.

    1. In a perfect world, yes. You’re ignoring how hot a partially shorted 120v wire can get.

      Paper light fixtures? Not U.L. approved.

  4. Egg cartons are also useful for soundproofing, don’t see any use for that here. I wonder why they didn’t put reflective material on the inside?

    That picture reminds me… Pixar?

  5. Anything that gets hot enough to cause an electrical fire (partially shorted wire, e.g.) can set fire to any paper, plastic, or fabric shade and any wooden lamp or fixture.

    There are plenty of these for sale:

  6. Paper lamp shades are quite common. If the shade comes with the fixture, there’s a max wattage specified ‘to avoid risk of fire’. A directional lamp like this, on the other hand, usually wants a bright, hot bulb in order to be of use.

  7. Seeing the full set of pictures was helpful – the shade is pretty huge compared to the small compact fluorescent bulb they used.

    I would still be nervous about it, but then I’ve had an electrical house fire, so I view all electrical things as potential fire hazards.

  8. Those sure look like pop rivets and not aluminum screws. Personally I would have used staples. Cheaper and and faster to assemble.

    Also it is remarkably ugly.

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