MiroConverter: turn your video into WebM


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  1. MadRat says:

    Broken BoingBoing HTML: http://tinypic.com/r/2aajcq8/6

  2. Anonymous says:

    if this were slashdot, it would be tagged as “goodluckwiththat” …

  3. Quasimondo says:

    I guess I have to be nitpicking here and say that FFMpeg is the first video converter for WebM since Miro is just a beautiful frontend for it (as the small print on the miro page says itself)

  4. Evan Rappaport says:

    Just what the world needs, another open video format. Maybe next you can create yet another open audio format.

  5. sutur says:

    several hardware manufacturers have announced native support for the webm format. also youtube plans to provide all of its content in the webm format. remember it is google who bought the company that has invented webm and supports this project, so wer’re not talking about yet “another open video format” here. i think this will work.

    • Evan Rappaport says:

      Oh… well if Google is supporting it then it must be the next widely adopted standard. Tell it to the 7% of people using the Chrome browser.

      • teapot says:

        Just what the world needs, another troll.

        How is the percentage of people using Chrome relative to the potential success of a video format? Logic fail, buddy.

        Did you even stop to think about which site is the defacto first stop for video on the web? Oh.. that’s right.. YouTube is owned by Google and YouTube is going to support WebM.

  6. tsdguy says:

    Open is relative and there is much discourse on how “open” WebM is. Here’s an article from Slashdot on the subject:


    As well as a question as to the patent status of WebM underpinnings.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I submit the request for a Linux equivalent to Miro Video. How hard can it be?

    …don’t answer that.

    We’d need to:
    Clone the settings of the other versions;
    Pick a graphical toolkit (first instinct is Gnome,but QT is fine too);
    Make it a self-contained statically-compiled binary. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static_build

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