Studying sleep patterns to optimize your sleep-wake cycle (Video)


5 Responses to “Studying sleep patterns to optimize your sleep-wake cycle (Video)”

  1. moniker says:

    Matt looks tired. I wonder if he is getting enough sleep?

  2. Snig says:

    A patient used this (or a competitor? don’t know if they’ve a competitor) for sleep/pain issues, and found it helpful.

    • xzzy says:

      For $200 in hardware, plus $80 a year for their coaching service, it damn well better be “helpful”.

      • Snig says:

        If you can get a sleep study for under a thousand you’re lucky. This just gets part of the data that sleep studies measure, but it seems a smart way to do it. Getting a sleep study any night you need one for $300 is a deal. No doctor directly attached to the home unit, so not quite the same as a sleep study, but it seems useful. If you’re never getting restful sleep, $300 isn’t a lot of money to solve it.

  3. hdon says:

    Apple knows what’s best for you :{P

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