Studying sleep patterns to optimize your sleep-wake cycle (Video)

Alexandra Carmichael of the Quantified Self posted a video of sleep hacker Matt Bell.

Having struggled with sleep for much of his life, he now tracks it with Zeo and looks for patterns. In this talk, Matt reveals several factors that he has found to be helpful for getting a good night's sleep.
Matt Bell Hacks the Sleep-Wake Cycle


  1. A patient used this (or a competitor? don’t know if they’ve a competitor) for sleep/pain issues, and found it helpful.

    1. For $200 in hardware, plus $80 a year for their coaching service, it damn well better be “helpful”.

      1. If you can get a sleep study for under a thousand you’re lucky. This just gets part of the data that sleep studies measure, but it seems a smart way to do it. Getting a sleep study any night you need one for $300 is a deal. No doctor directly attached to the home unit, so not quite the same as a sleep study, but it seems useful. If you’re never getting restful sleep, $300 isn’t a lot of money to solve it.

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