Image: Katamari Nouveau

katamarinouveau.jpg Basically at the exact moment when I thought to myself, "I should maybe hold off on posting any more Katamari things", along comes Kate Elizabeth's stunning art nouveau tribute, and how could I resist. See the original sketch here, and her process animation here. [via Alex Litel]


  1. Why hold off? That’s like holding off on posting more Zelda things. Just a ridiculous thing to do.

  2. You can never have enough Katamari in your life, and this poster is such an original idea.

  3. I have a PS3 and love the Katamari game. My biggest complaint about it though is that there is no downloadable content available for it. I would love to be able to buy more levels.

    Or why no follow up game? I want more!!! After playing Little Big Planet and Mod Nation Racers, I don’t know if I’m ever going to buy another game that doesn’t have a level generator and downloadable content.

    I love Elizabeth’s work. It wasn’t obvious after looking around for a bit, but is there some way to buy high quality prints?

  4. That’s a fantastic idea, but I’d love to see an iteration that really took advantage of the foundational basics of Art Nouveau- Nouveau compositions are usually painfully planned out and beautifully composed, and there are a lot of elements in this that don’t quite compare.

  5. somewhere, the ghost of alphonse mucha is smiling. (and possibly playing a couple rounds on the great nintendo dsi in the sky.)

  6. To my eye, this isn’t really Art Nouveau. This looks like more of the Arts and Crafts style, or maybe Toulouse-Lautrec’s post-impressionist style around the same time.

    Art Nouveau has dominant nature themes with climbing vines and organic plant-like shapes. All the emphasis in A.N. is on the elaborate perfection of these ornamental curves.

  7. Brandon, please keep posting these fantastic illustrations. I am just loving your stuff.

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