Watch the tongue at work

the diva and the emcee from Krishna Nayak on Vimeo.

Researchers got an opera singer and a beatbox emcee to do their thing inside an MRI machine. The results are seriously fascinating to watch. (Via Ferris Jabr)


  1. And here I thought from the headline that this story was going to be about watching what you say around the boss!

      1. And here I was about to post something to the effect of: “the most WTF thing I’ve ever seen through an MRI was a couple mid-coitus, thanks to the Science channel”. Thanks for being a know-it-all, boingboing.

  2. Wow. I used to play trumpet. I knew things changed in the mouth as you try for different notes but I didn’t know the inside mouth and throat could change shape so much!

  3. It is really interesting to see the anatomy in motion. Things tend to fit together in slightly surprising ways. The quality of the MRI images are lacking though. I prefer the clarity of X-rays.

    Here is a great x-ray animation of a woman opening her mouth:

    Here is one of a guy talking:

    Wim Delvoye did a series of sexual x-ray images that are not animated and definitely NSFW:

  4. I’d really like to see a version with a trumpet and clarinet player doing double and triple tonguing

  5. The opera singer was annoying, but the MC toward the end was great. It looked like everything in his mouth was dancing. Great vid. :)

  6. That was some of the best 4:30 mins I have spent on the Internet lately. Utterly fascinating to see. Thanks Boing Boing!

  7. Check out that sinus cavity flipping open and shut! Amazing.

    Some fingerless cat-calling visual aid would be useful too.

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