Stormtrooper action figure portraits

Flickr user Stéfan shot 365 near-daily portraits of his Star Wars Stormtrooper dollies undertaking humorous and dramatic tasks, and has put the (really wonderful) results on Flickr.

Stormtroopers 365 (Thanks, Ronny!)


  1. How does he pose the figures? the 2.5 inch star wars figures are fairly inflexible.

  2. Wow. I keep forgetting these were the bad guys.

    Seems the Imperial forces have lifted their ban on gays in their military.

    Wish I was having this much fun with my toys.

  3. i shared this with the friends with whom I’m making a SWFF at the final lockdown meeting for a trailer. and they loved it! I think it’s a nice work. Some are very clever.

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