Art show: Gignac's "Nudes of Chatroulette" and Held's "Facebook Portraits"

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Justin Gignac created a series of charcoal drawings titled "Nudes of Chatroulette." I'm sure you get the idea. Gignac will be showing the work at The Art of Social Media exhibition on Tuesday, June 8, as part of Internet Week New York. Also hanging will be Matt Held's Facebook Portraits. (Above left, Held's "Laura"; right, Gignac's "Rear Without Hair") "The Art of Social Media"


  1. I read the title before I was fully awake as “Shah-troo-lay” or something similarly French.

    Also, I think that those two drawings make a nice diptych.

    1. Exactly. In my draft post they were reversed and then I looked at it and realized they worked much better this way.

    2. Well, “chat” is the French word for “cat,” so now I’m thinking of a cat playing roulette (also a French word). Hopefully not Russian roulette. ;-)

  2. It says there will be “over a dozen” at the show. These seem like just a preview.

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