Makers tile-game, the physical object edition

Last year, my novel Makers was published and syndicated free as a series of 81 blog-posts on Tor had the insanely creative people at Idiots' Books produce 81 interlocking, tesselating illustrations, one for each installment, and made a sweet little Flash toy that let you play with making your own meta-illo by moving the tiles around.

Now, Idiots Books have released a limited edition set of physical cards that let you play the tile-game on your living room floor. I handed these out to folks on the For the Win tour, to great reactions. They're $12, and you can get them now.

Makers Tile Game


  1. URL to “The Bookstore” please? And don’t tell me “it’s outside,” because I can never get DNS to resolve for that site.

  2. YouTube in Germany shows a still frame and continues to tell us: “Dieses Video ist nicht verfügbar” (This video is not available).

    Any idea why?

    1. (Just responded to this anonymously by accident, so sorry for the repeat:) YouTube Germany won’t show the video because the song “may have content that is owned or licensed by Sony Music Entertainment”. We got permission from the band and their label, but not from Sony in written form. This only seems to affect viewers in Germany. That doesn’t help you, I know. Sorry about that.

  3. Confirming #4: in the German internet, “This video is not available.” On my US VPN, all good.

  4. Hello German internet – sorry, but I think the video is “unviewable in Germany” because “Rosetta Stone” by Bombadil “may have content that is owned or licensed by Sony Music Entertainment”. We have gotten permission for its use by the band and their record label but not directly from Sony, so YouTube in Germany is blocking it. Should work everywhere else, though, but not sure if it’s worth a train ride to see it. Sorry!

  5. I received my Makers Tile Game in the mail last week. And now I appreciate it even more.

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