Full-sized spaceships made from plywood


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just this Monday I met Sarah Beck when she talked about her ÖDE project (among other works) at Dorkbot Toronto. Her ÖDE project started with a pressboard tank (affordable, y’know, like stuff from Ikea).

    “For ÖDE, helping create a better everyday life means offering a wide range of weapons.” … “Most of our products are made of wood or wood fibers, so naturally ÖDE is concerned about the environment!” — http://www.shopode.com/

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you seen Tom Sachs’ Lunar lander? That piece is amazing!

    It is made out of steel plywood and it was a crazy installation that even had Tom Sachs running mission control on a fake trip to the moon. Its beyond just recreation its re imagination and actually embodies the spirit of the original nasa.

  3. orwellian says:

    Okay, so how much to have a plywood Spacelab made? It would be the coolest modular home ever! Eight-year-old Orwellian is in awe right now.

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