Massive packing-tape spider-web


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  1. Clifton says:

    That is extremely cool.

  2. IamInnocent says:

    Now that is brilliant engineering and art.
    Wish I’d been there for the dance.

  3. Clemoh says:

    Of course, this is technically packing -film-, not tape.

    • Pantograph says:

      Oh good. If it was packing tape I’d hate to be the one to clean it up.

    • dculberson says:

      I think it’s actually tape. It looks to me like they wrapped the columns in film and the webs are tape. Their web site says “530 rolls of transparent self adhesive tape.” The shipping film isn’t adhesive. (it’s mildly cohesive through static and friction, but not adhesive at all.)

      So yeah, I would hate to be part of the clean-up.

    • Cin says:

      Read the article. It’s adhesive tape, not film.

  4. IWood says:

    I’m watching the Shelob scene in Return of the King right now.

    So…um. Webby synchronicity, or something? Yeah.

    My cat wants no part of what I am thinking now.

  5. igzabier says:

    get your own house web!! this artist makes climbing webs for home, website photos of it aren’t great, but I’ve tried, more awesome than this as you can play and have your own, crocheted hammock style.:

  6. deckard68 says:

    That amount of tape must stink to high heaven (the sticky part of it releasing fumes). Looks nice though.

  7. lasttide says:

    Are you sure they weren’t trying to recreate the Widow of the Web set from Krull?

  8. Steak says:

    Creating this can’t have been easy. Technical considerations aside, at every stage the artists would have been a moment of lapsed concentration away from imagining the spider that might inhabit such a structure. That’s got to mess with even the most staunch non-arachnophobe.

  9. GraemeM says:

    I’m frightened just thinking of the size of the spider that would live in there, Harry Potter and Aragon.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Now one of them needs to dress like a fly and jump in it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Needs disclaimer: no artists were suffocated in the making of this art

  12. McMe says:

    Hopefully a piece on the BP spill can be run today and we can all nash our teeth about the bad oil companies while we continue to squander our natural resources and fiddle while it all burns.
    I’m mean really an ad? Time we learned a bit of self control.

  13. dagfooyo says:

    It’s beautiful. But oh MAAAN – have any of you unrolled large quantities of packing tape at once? I have. I can only imagine that the adhesive fumes in that room must be overpowering — I’m surprised people don’t pass out.

  14. Art says:


    Splendid job :)

  15. Anonymous says:

    It looks something like the museum scene from Alone in the Dark (2008) video game.

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