Sign at BP gas station: "Do not leave pumps unattended, You are responsible for spills"


Snapshot from New Orleans resident Jessica Stiver (@oneeyedjess), identified as "shot at a garage in New Orleans."

[Update] Image: "Spotted at a BP station in Ohio," first published on The Rachel Maddow Show's Flickr stream (later republished without credit in many other places, with misattributions and phony origin theories!)

Credited to "Mark and Vicki Cipolle." (thanks, dculberson!)


  1. It seems that BP is taking a big hit, monetarily, for this.

    Personally, I stopped buying BP back around 1993, because I swear there was water in the gas I purchased from them.

    1. I dunno, for me one of the problems with the “corporations as people” mindset is that the actual humans involved can avoid responsibility for their mistakes by declaring bankruptcy and walking away.

      If BP was disbanded tomorrow then the company wouldn’t have to clean up the mess and the people responsible would just get jobs with other oil companies.

      1. Freeze all BP’s assets now and assign other companies to all their rigs after they are certified as safe. Use all assets and income from the rigs to pay for damages and clean up. BP’s officials should be jailed until their criminal trials come up, no bail. If I dumped a quart of oil on a beach in Louisiana, you bet I would be arrested and waiting trial, before or after this spill. AUGUST IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Corporate death penalty is a good start. How about rethinking corporate law to remove immunity, immortality, legal personhood and all the other things that have been created over the last century.

    1. Amen Aborman.

      As Lysander Spooner wrote Corporations are fictions made to be rid of the consequences of facts.

  3. Ohio gas pump inspection stickers are done by the county auditor, and I don’t recall any looking like that, but that DOES look suspiciously Ohio-shaped.

    I’d look up the stickers, but there’s 88 counties.

    (Ohio resident, BTW.)

  4. Yoss, all spills are clearly #ObamasFault.

    We must be clear who is below whom on the pecking order here!

    1. Surely you are joking? Obama’s fault? Haven’t heard any chants from McCain and his republican counterparts about domestic drilling lately…have you?

  5. I love how it appears to be taken by someone filling up a GIGANTIC gas guzzling RV.

  6. Limited Liability Corporations trace their pedigree in the history of legal theory to the Crown Chartered Corporation, under Monarchy (English).

    They were considered controversial by the Founding Fathers of the USA, because under a democracy, they would have too much power over their own regulation, through bribery and lobbying.

  7. I worked for BP Canada O&G for years.

    Ask them about their bribery clauses in competition agreements when hiring contractors.

    Has a paragraph on how to bill BP / Amoco for bribes to local officials.

  8. Remember, gas stations are owned by individuals who happen to have a lease with a particular gas distributor who distributes gas from a particular company. These gas stations and their owners are small businesspeople. They have NOTHING to do with the oil spill or with BP’s corporate policies and negligence. In fact gas station owners are subject to stringent local public health and environmental laws concerning leaking tanks, functioning equipment, &c, and tend to follow those laws. These business owners are just as upset as anybody else. They will also tell you that all the other oil companies are doing the same shit BP does, but now are ducking and running and covering up THEIR dirty tracks before the spotlight hits them. (My daughter and her husband own a BP and they are getting hit hard by this kind of shit. They are trying to stay in business to support themselves and my 2 small grandsons.)

    1. Regardless of who they may or may not have a lease with, money that you pay a gas station finds its way to the rig that drilled for the oil in the first place. I’m sorry for whoever happens to own a gas station that receives their gas from BP, but I will not pay one cent to BP or anyone who carries their products. Other companies may be doing the same things but they haven’t destroyed the environment and filled the gulf with crude oil. They lied about how much oil they were getting from that well, they had a rig failure and it’s their oil that’s filling up the ocean. I think that’s cause enough to boycott them, their product, and anyone who has anything to do with them.

  9. Accidents are called accidents for a reason. I doubt seriously that BP blew up their rig on purpose. To jail BP executives because of this is a ludicrous idea. Not buying BP gas or boycotting BP altogether helps nobody and only tends to hurt the local small business man. If you want to add to the unemployment rolls (like that needs to be done at this time or ever) then boycott BP. Just understand the ramifications of that action.

    1. It’s also referred to as an accident if someone drives into another car as a result of poor maintenance, speeding, or driving under the influence. It is still the responsibility of the person who engages in the risky behavior leading up to the accident to make things right, and in some cases, face criminal charges. BP was using substandard well casing, a malfunctioning blowout preventer, didn’t do a proper cementing job, and replaced drilling fluid with water without plugging the well.

  10. I don’t think BP employees hurt the environment on purpose nor do I think boycotting them is going to make much of a dent. But if you own a BP station and don’t see the PR “irony” (for lack of a better word) when leaving this sign up, then you’re ignorant. Also, the COO who does all the morning show interviews for BP either needs a new PR advisor OR needs to start taking the counsel of his PR staff. I work in the enviro communications biz and that guy is way out of his league. So many corporate execs hire PR firms but their egos are too big to listen and learn. A good PR firm is not about “spin” but about influencing corporate decisions and policy in order to help best fix the crisis.

  11. Let’s not blame BP; the people who are actually responsible work for the government agency that ignored the over 700 infractions of the regulations perpetrated by BP. They’re supposed to work for us; indeed, they’re paid by us, yet they failed to prevent this tragedy. Obama knows whose asses to kick, now he has to kick them!!!!

  12. Its the average Joe’s who feel the brunt of it, people losing livelyhoods, peoples pensions which depend on BP for the dividends, or the average worker at BP including the poor souls who lost their lives, which seems to be all but forgotten.

    As for Obama he’s done nothing constructive only kick BP, does not care about the struggling pension funds, just seems to fly around in a great big polluting jumbo which is powered by the same stuff polluting the GOM.

  13. If corporate execs weren’t taking cocaine bumps off of strippers, this could have been prevented.

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