Tetsuya Ishida's sad man-machine hybrid self-portraits

tetsuya_ishida_1.jpg Pink Tentacle points us to the beautiful surrealist paintings of Tetsuya Ishida, a Japanese artist who actually died in a train accident several years ago at the young age of 32. He is best known for self-portraits in which he has become part of an appliance or machine, often in a sad and painful way.




  1. These are great.
    (According to your pink tentacle, he died at the age of 32; 1973-2005)

  2. from some brief web research I find he was actually 31 when he died. and the “train accident” was him being hit by a train, which many have surmised may have been a suicide.

  3. hmmm kind of strange that he imagined himself as a half man half machine, also in the sink picture it appears to be bottles of pills and possibly even an alcoholic drink on the window ledge. Further this by the fact that he dies in a train accident, essentially becoming part of the machine and it gets a little creepy. Definitely a decent artist. I would have bought his work for a reasonable price before his death.

  4. How would one go about getting a copy of the book if one can’t read a character of Japanese?

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