Architectural criticism of couch-cushion forts


We greatly admire the use of coffee table as lateral moment-frame in this application. The solution is both formal and fun, offering the users a sequence of experiences beginning with the entry, to vaulted ceiling, to raised deck. Grade A-

Adorable! Also, it's nice to see that most of these budding young architects have avoided the energy-sucking pitfalls of the all-glass facade.

Build LLC: Couch Cushion Architecture: A Critical Analysis


  1. I grew up in an old house with both a living room and a parlour, so couch cushion forts were a staple of our playtime diet. We furnished ours with tea sets,towels and my mother’s elongated tube hairdryer which we duct taped to the end of a melodica. No house is complete without a piano, after all.

  2. Hehe this is wonderful :)

    I think there’d be a market for bars & other establishments where adults have very large cushions to play with, and are allowed to build as they wish.

    That and a place where you get to play with real earth moving equipment like a backhoe and bobcats – and later you get to sit up on a balcony with a beer and criticize those below. No beer before though, only after.

    1. I have often “dreamed” of a “dude-ranch”-type place in an abandoned strip mine with earth movers, Euclid dump trucks, “steam-shovels,” huge excavators, massive Caterpillars, etc., that anyone could go to and be able to fulfill a childhood fantasy. And, have a hotel with the correct amenities, and yes, the deck from each room to be able to look out over the others running equipment, and just be able to dream. What a concept. Unfortunately, probably not a money-maker–but, would we ever have fun!!!! jpn

  3. Grandson Isaac, whom we swear was born wearing a tool belt, has often commanded every pillow to be found in our house and utilized them in a structure of his design. Eat your heart out Toys-R-Us.

  4. And in the kitchen: the pots + pans + wooden spoons drum kit, to help celebrate the fall, or defense, of the couch-cushion fort.

  5. Tensile structures FTW! No good nomadic fort ignores the ability to pack up and go at a moment’s notice.

  6. As the mother of the adorable child pictured above, I’m proud to say that I chose the couch specifically because it had fort-enabling cushions. Five years later, they’re pretty much demolished and he has moved on to lego architecture and vehicle design.

  7. Doing exams over the next couple of weeks, this captures exactly what we’ve been all doing all along.

    “I admire the shitshitshitshitshitshitshit linear use of lieslieslieslieslieslieslies. Taking the obtuse arsemongershitshitshitshitshit. And thats why I consider it the best poet ever.”

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