Tom the Dancing Bug: Billy Dare - The Full Story

By Ruben Bolling


Published 3:01 am Wed, Jun 9, 2010


27 Responses to “Tom the Dancing Bug: Billy Dare - The Full Story”

  1. Tgg161 says:

    I feel like we’re missing some important details in the story here.

  2. mwiik says:

    I’m thinking one could rewrite most if not all of the history of human civilization like this, and it would be more true.

  3. SpaceGhost says:

    Metabolic processes are finally get the dramatic rendition they so richly deserve. For too long Hollywood has outright ignored these tireless workhorses who are treated like some invisible minority yet outnumber us ≈1.x10^15 to 1!

  4. Sceadugenga says:

    What happened to the broken chair leg?

  5. PopeRatzo says:

    Is Billy going to poop his pants here? Is that what this is about?

  6. mati says:

    I wonder who they’ll get to play the Krebs Cycle.

  7. johntheobscure says:

    Why s ths cpyrghtd? Tht’s hrrbl blw gnst fr s. BngBng shld b shmd f tslf. Rbn Bllng s mnplstc vlln.

    • killer robot says:

      You’re assing it up nicely today.

    • MrJM says:

      Boing-Boing isn’t against copyright.

      Boing-Boing is against being a dick about copyright.

      Sorry for any confusion.

    • Nonentity says:

      “Why is this copyrighted? That’s a horrible blow against fair use.”

      Thank you for making it clear in your first two sentences that you know nothing about copyright, and especially the fair use aspect of copyright. That makes it much easier to ignore the rest of the comment.

    • Dewi Morgan says:

      Don’t worry: I suspect most of the people who *didn’t* comment probably got the humour you intended just fine.

      • Phikus says:

        Yes, Ruben always manages to keep it intestine (an inside joke.)

      • MrJM says:

        If he had written 2+2=5, we would have seen what he intended as well.

        But obvious intentions, whether in the realms of mathematics or humor, doesn’t make the failure any less a failure.

  8. benher says:

    I’m wondering when Quentin’s intestinal worms will get their own strip…

  9. SAMO1415 says:

    The Fear and Loathing quote is applicable:

    “Finish the f***ing story, man. What happened? What about the glands!?”

  10. Anonymous says:

    It’s all about the adenosine triphosphate, yo.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This same thing happens to me all the time. It’s weird how close my life is to your cartoons. It’s as though you’re writing about me!

  12. Laroquod says:

    No link at all?

  13. jimkirk says:

    Nice touch on the Roman Numerals. Subtle!

  14. jimh says:

    Where is Quentin during all of this, and what is going on in his endocrine system?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, am I the only person who realizes that short-chain (volatile) fatty acids are not converted into triglycerides? As mild anti-inflammatory signaling molecules, I don’t think Billy is well served by them even if he takes a knife to the gut. Adrenaline is his best friend right now…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Zoran’s got his hand stuck under the window! Go Billy!

  17. jonw says:

    aren’t fatty acids _assembled_ into tryglycerides, not broken down?

  18. hannahma says:

    “Way down inside the large intestine,
    Far, far away,
    There’s where the ice cream cones are restin’,
    There’s where the eclairs stay.”
    —attributed to Mark Twain