Cakes that look like meat


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  1. Mark Crummett says:

    What a weird cognitive dissonance you’d get from eating a cupcake that looks like peas and carrots.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My wife just got the book that these are from the other day. here’s a link:

  3. Vidya108 says:

    They’re awesome. But, as I commented on the article, most of them are listed as containing fondant (with gelatin), and therefore are not “veggie-friendly” as described. (It’s no end of frustration when event planners order a fancy fondant cake, which can’t be eaten by vegetarians or observant members of a number of faith traditions.)

    • Xopher says:

      Why would anyone put gelatin in fondant? That seems like a particularly stupid shortcut to me…but then I make my own fondant, borrowing my friends’ kitchen (with its granite countertops, too rich for my blood) for the purpose. Control the texture of the fondant by the boiling temperature of the sugar syrup, not by adding *ugh* gelatin!

    • Xopher says:

      Also, with somewhat different principles, you can use pectin (which I’ve used) or agar (which I haven’t).

      Pectin isn’t quite as easy to use as gelatin. It’s not thermoreversible, for one thing (meaning you get only one chance at gelling it how you want; if you remelt it, it won’t solidify again). But it’s completely vegan!

  4. Genutz says:

    Haha! This is funny!

  5. Lobster says:


  6. Felton says:

    Neat! My sister sent me this psych-out cupcake link the other day. I love the brain slug cupcakes.

  7. General Specific says:

    Excellent. There are some seriously imaginative and talented bakers out there.

  8. Xopher says:

    Illusion-food in general is called soteltie (pronounced, and perhaps a variant spelling of, ‘subtlety’).

    These are some marvelous sotelties! I particularly like the mashed-potatos-and-gravy one.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Might cause a problem since taste is influenced by visual expectation: See:

  10. Anonymous says:

    Cute! But it’s really “cake disguised as not cake.” And almost all of them are by the same person. Good plug for Debbie.

  11. apoxia says:

    So impressive! I particularly like the fruit platter.

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