Psychedelic Soviet/Latvian kids' cartoons

Dilli Dalli Minku Parkaa (Dilly Dally in Pussy Park) is one of a large library of psychedelic, Soviet-era Latvian cartoons that have made their way onto YouTube.

(Thanks, Vera)


  1. Dilly Dally in Pussy Park….

    A couple of questions:

    1. Where is this park?

    2. How do I get there?

    1. Got my blanket, my frisbee, and the astroglide. I’m ready to spend the day at Pussy Park.

  2. This seems like a metafor on how bureaucracy tries to kill creativity and art by turning them into something that can be controlled, measured, stacked, but in the end creativity prevails.

  3. I’m used to people claiming these things are trippy, but I have to agree, this example is pretty trippy. For some reason I found that ‘friendly’ snap-snap noise the fox’s jaws made very unpleasant.

  4. @Boingaddict:
    Reksio! OMG memories from my childhood in the seventies come flooding back all of a sudden.
    I used to love him, along with (the little mole)
    There was also this kid that used to draw with his magic pencil and everything he drew came to life.
    Thanks a million for a lost fragment of my childhood.

  5. Ha i remember that one, now to turn 8 again and not worry about mortgage and bills…..

    Did you watch Bolek I Lolek as well?

    1. Bolek & Lolek appeared in the ‘related movies’ section on Youtube. And yes, I knew them as well. Ahhh.. Great to remember that. Many of those were broadcast also on German TV back then. Great for kids. I think I will show them to my kids as well. Thank you again for this gem.

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