Stop-motion Super Mario made out of sticky notes

Some of the most creative student projects in Japan are presented at bunkasai, the annual school festivals. One presented recently was this stop-motion video of Super Mario made out of sticky notes. Watch him as he journeys through the school building collecting coins and mushrooms.

(Thanks Kazu Y!) [via TokyoMango]


  1. Holy crap that’s impressive! The turns on the curtains must have been really difficult–post it’s don’t typically like adhering to fabric!

    1. *chuckles* Probably was like “Oh my gosh, we’re never going to be done, quick, someone let him die!”

  2. I loved it!

    I think they had a ‘sprint’ of each step/pose of the animation. Instead of placing and removing each individual post-it, which would take a lot of more work.

    Awesome either way!

  3. That is really cool, kinda wish they tested Mario’s color better with the lighting. But overall it’s great.

  4. Poor Mario, trapped in two dimensions. He wants to interact with our world, but he’s confined to the walls.

  5. I don’t think these are post it notes. They’re just cardboard cutouts. It would take about 100x longer to make it moving individual post-it notes every time.

    Still rad, though.

  6. They are sticky notes. As Mario dies you can see the sticky notes sticking out on the turtles shell. From 1:17 to 1:20.

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