Tarkovsky's Polaroids


Filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky's Polaroid snapshots, taken at his home in Russia, and while traveling in Italy. A Russian photography blog has digitized a large collection of these photos (text in Russian). The Poemas del Río Wang blog has more (in English) about their origin. (via @glinner)


  1. The fact that he liked Polaroids kind of clicks. The color palette of his movies always has that “stark with popping bold colors” feel I always gave their film.

    1. My first thought as well. Clearly they know what they’re doing. By draping the stone angel’s head, they can’t look it directly in the eyes.

  2. I have a hunch that many fans of bb are also huge fans of his movie “Stalker”, arguably the best film ever made.

  3. I love Tarkovsky’s films (yes, especially Stalker #5).

    There’s something wonderful about a Soviet film-maker using such an American camera (was it actually a Polaroid?) and making something so amazing with it.

  4. These are glorious. He is one of the greatest artists who ever lived. These photos, like his films, are just immensely beautiful.

  5. hehe pretty sure the angels from doctor who weren’t invented until after he died… what wonderful images. wonderful film maker wonderful photographer… i’d never heard of him until i became a full blown addict of the computer game based loosely on his movie and the book it came from, and i’m so glad i have now, and i definitely have to see more of his movies. Stalker is definitely one of my all time favourite movies, so rich in texture and subtlety.

  6. I agree that the medium of Polaroid seems to suit Tarkovsky’s vision exceedingly well… and for anyone who loved Stalker, be aware that there are at least 2 films of his that are arguably even greater, and are often mentioned by cinema buffs in the same breath as such seminal films as L’Avventura and 2001: namely, Solaris and Andrei Rublev. See them. Oh yeah, and The Sacrifice is not to be missed, also.
    And I don’t know exactly why, but the atmosphere and setting of pic #8 on page 5 of the photo reel reminded me sharply of the setting for the infamous “first photograph ever” taken in 1826: http://neatorama.cachefly.net/images/2006-07/world-first-photograph-nicephore-niepce.jpg – seems like he hearkens back to an earlier time in an almost physical sense, with some of these shots.

  7. all those Tarkovsky films are BRILLIANT, but ZERKALO (Mirror) is his MASTERPIECE. If you love Tarkovsky – read his book, SCULPTING IN TIME.

    – DJ Jenochka

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