Detroit police and fire HQ move to old casino

The city of Detroit has bought an abandoned MGM Casino (it was supplanted by a bigger, glitzier one) to house the fire department and police HQ; it will also house the long-shuttered police lab, closed in 2008 because of "processing errors."
"I am glad to finally be able to move our officers into a safe, sound and functional structure that is also citizen friendly and accessible," Mayor Dave Bing said in a statement today. "This represents an important step in making our city more operationally efficient ... and safe."
Detroit to purchase old MGM Grand casino for new police HQ (via Consumerist)


  1. Some days I love living in Detroit. News of our Police and Fire Departments moving to an old casino makes this one of those days.

  2. Even at 53 mil, I think they are getting a real deal. Here in Vancouver, we just got a billion (883 million) dollar convention centre, which looks like a glass parkade. No world renowned architecture, no signature building for the city, just a shed that will remain empty for many days on any given year.Add to that the fact that convention centres rarely make a profit, and feel the taxpayer pain.

    Just take a look at their awe inspiring cover picture on their website:

  3. 400,000 square feet for $6M is an absolutely awesome deal. An extra $47M? Still cheap. But, I don’t understand why they’d pay for the labor to do renovations. Just have the prisoners do it! There’s a lot of skilled labor in jail in this state.

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