Detroit police and fire HQ move to old casino


8 Responses to “Detroit police and fire HQ move to old casino”

  1. Kerov says:

    Most importantly, the “Wheel of Justice” comes pre-installed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some days I love living in Detroit. News of our Police and Fire Departments moving to an old casino makes this one of those days.

  3. BeetleJuice444 says:

    Yesterday DetNews reported the sale might not go through. The building cost $6 million, but renovations would cost $47 million.–fire-to-former-casino

  4. adamnvillani says:

    Kerov wins the internets for today.

  5. Patrick Austin says:

    400,000 square feet for $6M is an absolutely awesome deal. An extra $47M? Still cheap. But, I don’t understand why they’d pay for the labor to do renovations. Just have the prisoners do it! There’s a lot of skilled labor in jail in this state.

  6. Dan Mac says:

    Even at 53 mil, I think they are getting a real deal. Here in Vancouver, we just got a billion (883 million) dollar convention centre, which looks like a glass parkade. No world renowned architecture, no signature building for the city, just a shed that will remain empty for many days on any given year.Add to that the fact that convention centres rarely make a profit, and feel the taxpayer pain.

    Just take a look at their awe inspiring cover picture on their website:

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