Post-apocalyptic steampunk mask

Ukrainian steampunk mask-maker Bob Basset brings the post-apocalyptic with the DRTM-6.



  1. My first thought was Fallout, but I suppose it would also make a good mask for a Fremen stillsuit. :)

    1. ROFL Isambard Kingdom Brunel FTW ahahaha

      That’s totally what he’d say too, especially considering he was apprenticed to the great watchmaker Breguet- he’d laugh the fool out of the room for using gears decoratively with no purpose

  2. This is hot. I totally could see this in a fetish strip bar in the post-apocalyptic dystopian future.


    These guys are ridiculously talented. Have you seen the solid industrial sapphire knives they made?

  3. Cory, you have one of their masks, don’t you? How much would something like this cost? Just curious… (want!)

  4. Just wondering… has Cory ever shown any awareness that these masks are for sexual fetishists?

    1. You mean sexual fetishists with a keen sense of style, don’t you?

      I’d say they are a multipurpose item with broad appeal. I doubt that a retro sci-fan with zero interest in BDSM culture would be disappointed to receive one as a gift.

      They have some designs that I don’t like but this one is good. It almost looks functional.

    2. I own three Bob Basset masks and I am not a sexual fetishist. Steampunk ≠ sadomasochism.

      Sure there’s probably BDSM types that buy these but I think it’s not the rule. I like steampunk/industrial/apocalypse/esoteric things. Masks have always been fascinating to me, especially coming from a horror film background.

  5. The mask resembles one of the Archons of the evil universe from Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles

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