Two-faced kitty

This adorable two-faced kitten was born in Charleston, West Virgina last week. The condition is called diprosopus. From the Charleston Gazette:
 Mediafiles Thumbs 275 220.19572953737 Kitteh I100611205931 "As far as I understand, it's a defect in a protein synthesis that causes a mutation that leads to two faces," (veterinarian Erica) Drake said. "It's hard to know if it's just two faces or if it's a conjoined twin."

Drake said the kitten's two mouths act independently of one another and she believes each mouth has a separate esophagus leading to one stomach.

However, she said, it is hard to know the kitten's internal anatomy without an X-ray. She said not knowing about any defects that could be associated with internal organs makes it hard for her to give the kitten a definite prognosis.
"Twin-faced kitten puzzles veterinarian" (via Fortean Times)