1890 ad for "unrivalled" fairy cakes

You'd think that fairy cakes would be nonrivalrous, as well.

Peek Frean Fairy Cakes - 1890


  1. Peek Freans! Their tea biscuits were, and probably still are, sold in the States. They had a great commercial that suggested that they were a serious cookie too sophisticated for kids.

  2. Don’t they come from England?

    From childhood, I can picture a biscuit tin that was faded even then. But I didn’t remember there was a comma in the name, or that it was spelled quite like that. I entertained a vague hope that the biscuits partook of the quality known as “Freen”. And not just moderate, ordinary Freen, but Peak Freen.

  3. Peek Frean makes a kick ass Digestive – one of the things we always loaded the card with when we came back to the States from visiting Gramma in North Bay (also – cheddar, beer).

  4. Peek, Frean & Co.’s Unrivalled Fairy Cakes! Perfect for building your own Total Perspective Vortex!

  5. I bought their cakes based upon the claims in their ad and found them to be significantly smaller than the average toddler. I’m contacting the ASA.

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