BP vs. Aquaman


Image from Rob, at the Aquaman Shrine

(thank you, Jason Wishnow).


  1. <3. Back in the Superfriends days, Aquaman was my favorite, probably because he was the only blond superhero and he wore orange, my favorite color.

    That being said, I'd love to see the JLU-era hook-handed Aquaman get his hands on Tony Hayward.

    1. Funny how people that drive cars without licenses while asleep, drunk and supercharging their tank with nitroglycerine think this is BP’s fault.


    2. Funny how people that drive cars think this is BP’s fault.

      As opposed to riding a bike that uses a KRYPTONITE LOCK??

    3. Do you feel that corporations should not have any responsibility to minimize their impact on the environment? Do you feel that this responsibility should just be passed to anyone who uses their products?

      In that case, we might as well do away with the EPA, OSHA, unions, the FDA, and the like. Then we can blame everything that goes wrong on those damn consumers!

    4. I agree.

      It is specifically my car that made BP executives demand the engineers drill faster. So fast that it compromised the integrity of the hole and required it be drilled twice.

      It is specifically my car that made BP executives hire Halliburton for the well seals, which were too structurally weak to handle the top kill.

      It is specifically my car that made BP executives fiddle around letting the oil leak into the gulf while they tried to find a way to stop it with the least damage to their investment.

      MY CAR is to blame for this, even though I have NEVER bought from BP and even if we used a tenth of the gasoline we do today it would still be profitable, and they’d still be drilling exploratory sites.

      Also it’s Obama’s fault for not fixing BP’s mess faster, right? Privatize gains, subsidize losses, that’s the American way.

    5. I don’t drive but to blame care drivers for BPs negligence is ridiculous. The more drastic the consequence the greater the amount of safety that needs to be built into the design, construction and commissioning. It is basic safety system engineering.

    6. Well, let’s see… were auto drivers fined 760 times in the past 5 years for oil operations safety violations (just barely edging their nearest competitors, Sunoco and ConocoPhilips, who drew eight fines each, but crushing mighty ExxonMobil, which was fined just once)?

      Sorry, but if I steal a steak to feed my dog, it’s not my dog’s fault, even if he really does want that steak.

  2. No comic books are allowed to be drawn on this beach, ma’am. This is a National Wildlife Reserve, and I’m afraid I have to ask you to leave.

  3. :) No time, have to go back to doing blow and developing UAV’s. Ow. There goes all of BB’s Socal readers.

  4. anyone else wondering about the brokeback mt. Namor cross-over slash fiction that this image is making me thing of?
    maybe it’s just me…

  5. You People who are blaming BP just don’t understand.

    Corporations act according to the invisible hand of the market. And remember, because the Hand acts according to the wishes of Us, The Consumer, it can do no wrong.

    The HAND is no metaphor. It will physically manifest near those who are ready for it. It kinds of worms its way up the ass and along the spinal column to behind the jaw, where it works the mouth like that of a puppet, promoting speaking of the Truth, and can stick its pinky into the brain to deliver Knowledge.

    Ordinary citizens who want to experience this joyous communion can do so. Just dial down your sense of decency, pretend the aesthetic horrors and moral monstrosities of the modern world are good things, and spread your butt so the Hand can enter. Reading Atlas Shrugged and Rich Lowry editorials can help you get your mind into the proper state of readiness.

  6. Leaving the selected image aside, I’d like to comment on what an inspirational site the Aquaman Shrine is. A daily meditation on the King of the Seven Seas! How many of us rush through our daily lives, distracted by our quotidian problems, without taking time to reflect at least once on His Majesty? Here, the members of F.O.A.M. (Friends Of AquaMan) manage a blog entry every day!

  7. Great wallpaper for my laptop. On my farm I avoid pesticides and am very careful to avoid any fuel or oil spills and plan carefully to avoid waste. Then these BP company men tell the oil rig workers to cut costs “behind schedule/over budget” and look at the disaster!

  8. Forget that Aquaman is not real. What would happen if a real human being would swim in these polluted waters. If it kills fish and birds what would be our consequences, This is way more serious than the general public is aware of. Unfortunately, in general, the media and our buddy “El Presidente” are filtering out the real issues and are trying to give us a tasty biscuit, or cookie, and hope we feel better about this momentous catastrophe.
    We can’t just idly sit by and bury our heads in the sand, or rub our eyes, and it will all go away in a year or two. This is for centuries.
    I really feel sorry for the sea life that may even become possibly extinct, but what about the thousands of people that survive off of fishing these waters. You think that Shrimp prices are costly now? Just wait baby “The times will be a changin”!

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