Broke indie UK filmmakers need your steampunk!


5 Responses to “Broke indie UK filmmakers need your steampunk!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Check out these guys seem to be making a steampunk movie too. Maybe worth getting in touch?

  2. celestialelf says:

    Could you film any of the scenes in VR like Second Life and then green-screen/chroma key actors on/into it?
    Theres lots of steampunk in SL and a maachinima/movie mix might be very interesting :)

    • dculberson says:

      Second Life definitely doesn’t have the picture quality to make a convincing movie.

      • Sagodjur says:

        Agreed. Veto on the SL idea.

        The SL steampunk content might be inspirational for live action set design, but SL machninatography cannot be taken seriously.

        If you had the time and the inclination to use CGI effects, learn something like Maya.

  3. jennybean42 says:

    Like the SL idea.
    Or you could ask for dontations with Kickstarter, which loves to fund projects like this.
    (not affiliated, just a supporter.)

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