Map: Globally important bird areas in relation to Deepwater Horizon spill


Click for large size. Map from the American Bird Conservancy. Spill size and location based on NOAA data as of June 8, 2010. (via Heal The Bay)


  1. I’m glad my husband and I got to visit Dauphin Island before BP RUINED IT!! (sorry to shout)

  2. Three of the Florida areas, Lake Apopka RA, Cross Bar Ranch Wellfield, and Lake Placid Scrub Preserve, are many miles inland and I assume they are listed in error.

  3. This is a very nice map. Makes me want to take another road trip down there even considering. We were at the Aransas NWR earlier this year and it was SO beautiful. The whole place had been established in the 30’s as a CCC camp and you could see some of the original infrastructure as well as newer walkways and trails throughout the park. Educational kiosks detailing the avian wildlife dotted the guided trails that were furnished with benches and those stand-up binoculars for watching birds. As the setting sun cast silver reflections across the gulf waters, and wild pig and deer skitted toward their dens, we dropped off our five dollar state park fee and drove on. Then, moving away from the refuge, you could start to see the ugly trappings of heavy industry. Oil refinery smokestacks make up dense, dystopian cities by the sea. I am as guilty as anyone, burping along in my internal combustion engine machine, but the contrast between the national wildlife refuge and the oil refinery rigamarole was enough to give me serious pause for thought. And that was before the spill. Looking forward to what I hope will be a very meaningful speech by the president with specific and bold action to protect and assist the gulf/gulf states/planet.

  4. @#3 Think oil rain, and or when a hurricane (or two or three) hits. I think the map understates the full impact of the disaster on inland waterways, nesting areas etc. Not to mention water resorvoirs….

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