Painting: Kim Jong Il Launches Nuclear War

This appears to be a rendering of Kim Jong Il overseeing a Pikachu ICBM nuclear war. I have no idea who the artist is but I love it!


  1. A well done picture, and a clever pun too!

    The artist’s name is Sakkan (サッカン).

  2. A glorious color laser print of this very image has been sitting on my desk for a few weeks now — come-on, bb!

    I especially like how the ICBMs have the faces too, but they look like some of the more elaborate marital aids, making it even funnier. Well, for me at least.

  3. The red text in the lower left hand corner seems to read
    “Rocket Monster Kim (Gold)”

    And the Pikachu rockets are labeled “pika-don” which I think means “Boom!”

    The blue text looks like “Let’s go kidnapping!”, a reference to the North Korean abduction of Japanese citizens over the years.

    1. More specifically, pika-don is a reference to the bright flash (pika) and explosive noise (don) of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

  4. Reading this in Google Reader and skimming past it, the first thing I thought I saw was Michael Moore.

  5. Yay BB crowdsource! I had no idea what the characters were saying and was basically hoping it wasn’t something horribly offensive to Koreans.

  6. I think “pika-don” is a play on the names of the DPRK rockets, named “Taep’o-dong” (trans “Big Explosion” or some sort).

  7. The coming of Pikachu is foretold in the Book Of Revelations where it talks about a “Great Horned Beast that shall arise in the East”!

  8. Oh, what fun neighbors the DPRK are! In my final nanoseconds before nuclear incineration, I sincerely hope my final thoughts are not of Pikachu.

    Pedantic PS – the title reads “Rocket Monster” instead of “Pocket Monster” as a Pokemon propaganda poster might be inclined to read.

    Another Pedantic PPS – Despite NK terrorizing it’s Asian neighbors constantly and consistently with it’s mouth-foaming saber rattling, it was inexplicably removed (by Bush) from the US list of states that sponsor terrorism.

  9. So it could be translated as such:
    “PokeMon” => “RockeMon”,
    “Pikachu” => “PikaBoom”,
    and “Gotta Get ’em All” => “Gotta Kidnap ’em All!” ?

  10. The “Rocket Monster Kim” thing is an especially cute play on words; it’s only one character different from “Pocket Monsters Gold”.

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