Tweet your favorite item in Makers Market / Boing Boing Bazaar to win it


9 Responses to “Tweet your favorite item in Makers Market / Boing Boing Bazaar to win it”

  1. Eric Ragle says:

    Well as someone who has succumbed to the pressure that is Twitter, I must say that I would be delighted to get my chubby paws on the Cavorite Cannon. I have not-so-secretly lusted after it for some time.

  2. sparkdale says:

    “Void outside US.” Boo-urns!

  3. pjcamp says:

    Not worth it. Not if I have to join the Twit crowd.

  4. Talia says:

    Fun, count me in. I would not at all mind laying my grubby little paws on some of those items. :)

  5. License Farm says:

    Oh, you clever mutants. Finally got me to take a good steamy look around. I’ve bookmarked a bunch of stuff; I’ll have to whittle down what I like best. And now I know what I’m getting my stepmother for her birthday, too.

  6. hassenpfeffer says:

    This is swell. Thanks, mutants!

  7. kidfunctional says:

    oh no, i’m a euromutant, what a bust… (had my eye on a cheap item too, the 500 couldn’t include shipping could it? ;) )

  8. freddiefraggles says:

    Meh, stinky US-only rules! :( And I have protected tweets as well anyway, so this was doomed from the start I guess.

  9. Astragali says:

    How nice. Is there to be a separate contest for those who choose not to succumb to the inanity of Twitter?

    Thought not.

    Mark (who doesn’t use bloody Facebook, either)

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