Yugoslavian illustrated children's encyclopedia, 1960

Svijet oko Nas is a Soviet-era children's encyclopedia published in Yugoslavia in 1960. The artwork is fantastic, and Flickr user Sandra Eterovic is scanning some of the best examples.

A book: Svijet oko Nas (Thanks, Zoran!)


  1. Snazzy design!

    Some of the hipper illustrated non-fiction kiddie books I read in the 60s/70s had a similar style.

  2. This is awesome! I had those two books as a child, having inherited them from my sister who was born in 1963. I still vividly remember the “your body is like a machine” image.

  3. Why do you say Soviet Era and 1960? Yugoslavia was not apart of the Soviet bloc, it was a non-aligned country. In fact it started the non-aligned movement.

    1. Well, to be fair, it wasn’t JUST Yugoslavia that started it, but yeah. Yugoslavia was integral to the NAM. The NAM really was a group effort.

      Not a part of the Warsaw pact at all. Stalin in fact kicked Tito out quite early on, mainly because Tito wouldn’t ship out their raw materials to be manufactured in the SU.

  4. Oh, that’s great! You’re right guru Logan — the your body is a machine part is tattoo worthy! I like the first of may, with the parade! Titodan? Or that was like may 5th, and was also Youth day?

    Is it proper to call it Soviet era, though, since Yugoslavia was non-aligned? Perhaps, the socialist/communist era or the Tito era?

  5. Mindysan33 is right — “Soviet-era” makes it sound as if Yugoslavia were a Warsaw Pact country under the thumb of the USSR, which isn’t the case.

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