E3 2010: first gameplay video of Valve's Portal 2

Saving you the trouble of coming all the way out to LA, IGN have published off-screen video of the Portal 2 demo Valve's currently demonstrating here at E3. The first gives you a bit of story background -- taking place as GlaDOS resurrects herself years after the events of the first game -- while the second two below the fold dig further into the new gameplay features, including the "propulsion pudding" paint-gun enhancements added when Valve employed the fresh student indie team behind Tag: The Power of Paint. The best part? As always, the hapless turrets and your merciless blanking of them a minute or so in that first video.


    1. Actually, no, there won’t be. The writer (Chet? The guy from OMM who now works for Valve) has said he has no interest in revisiting the meme.

      I’m fine with that – it means he has something better up his sleeve. :)

  1. Ok I don’t think I’m going to have a problem incinerating that Personality Sphere. In fact I might have a problem NOT incinerating it…

    I’m rather looking forward to this though.

  2. I was actually disappointed when I beat the first portal, only because I was so addicted to it. I have nothing more to add to this conversation, other than the gushings of an impatient fanboy (of which I will spare you)

  3. Winner of the Molyneux award for use of jolly oofy bloody hell-style Britishyness in tutorials!

  4. It looks like a lot of fun but freaking impossible. The last two levels of Portal were maddening as well; there was this timing on the second-to-last that I could see but never do.

  5. I wonder if The Combine will show up in this game. GladOS mentions them offhandedly at the end of the first Portal; not by name but it’s obvious in context who she’s talking about.

  6. hmmm… the gameplay looks superb and very funny and all the rest of it but i’m not convinced at all by wheatley’s ‘cor-blimey-guv’ accent. Sounds like he’s just reading it off the page too. Considering he’s probably your companion for the entire game it could spoil your connection to the character. Strange because Valve are usually first class with voices. Telling you not to make eye contact with that sentry and then blanking him was hilarious though.

    1. I remember in the HL2 beta leak they had audio files that were crappy placeholder voice acting done by the development team. So they probably haven’t hired the final voice acters to do the voices yet.

      1. Yeah, that did occur to me but it didn’t seem like Valve to showcase the game at an event like E3 with crappy voices.

  7. Cant wait. Some of those puzzles looked pretty complex those especially with the new surface goo.

  8. i would be astounded if that turned out to not be noel fielding voicing that perso sphere.

  9. That personality sphere kind of discouraged me. Jar Jar Binksphere? And he’s a *boy*? The subtext isn’t working at all there.

  10. Valve… you fucking bastards… MAKE MORE GAMES! Valve shits gold. I am still waiting for HL episode 3.

  11. Sadly, when I saw the focusing cube, I figured it was an empty cube…

    Like, you take an empty cube and a personality sphere, and that’s how you make a companion cube…

    That would have ruined the nature of the Companion Cube, though…

    Sweet sweet companion cube… Why did she have to die? Why? In dreams, she calls to me… Asking me why she had to die… With her unchanging heart-based face… Why? Why? Why?

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