My Baby is Black!

"Nothing you have ever seen before and nothing you have ever heard before will prepare you for the shock of 'My Baby is Black!'"

(Don't miss the thrilling sequel, "My President is Black!" produced by The Tea Party Motion Picture Corporation.)


  1. I remember an urban legend way back in the 70s about Dinah Shore. She gave birth to a black baby and her husband left her. And it was always told in that kind of alarmist tone like it was an alien baby or something. And this was the 1970s.

    And, oh, BTW, in regards to this trailer. WTF???

  2. Oh… my god. And this one is perhaps even more atrocious (it was linked as “related” at the end of My Baby…):

    1. The adopted parents of the black girl at my school growing up (yes, there was only one), said their daughter wasn’t black, she was “inuit.”


  3. It’s amazing how white bread we used to be, huh?

    We bought a 1959 Montgomery Wards catalog at a antique book show and sale and we got half way through it when my husband said, “Have you noticed there are no black folks in this?” It kind of creeped us both out.

    That catalog was so white even Wonder Bread was saying, “dude, you’re white.”

    1. USED to be?

      Most of America is still this way. If you’ve spent any amount of time in rural America you’ll see that there are many millions of Americans who long for the “good old days” of that catalog. And more than just long for it, they are committed to fighting for it. Everything can change in a single election.

      1. Trotsky, :sigh: Too true, but I just keep hoping, you know? I work at a large midwest University and we have an incredibly diverse student body. The seeming disregard for race I see in many of the students that work for me gives me hope.

  4. The woman in the intimate embrace looks obviously mixed (black-white), and the man is clearly at least mixed race himself. What did she think was going to happen?

    Or was this how they packaged racist porn in those days?

  5. Guys, the actual title of the movie is “My Baby is a Black Hole”, and it’s a sci-fi flick about a woman nurturing and giving birth to a gravity well. People were shocked because it could destroy the planet, and she screamed because the area around her vulva was imploding.

    This has nothing to do with racism, and has clearly been blown way out or proportion.

  6. And please Boingboing. No more of those ‘interactive’ sidebar ads with audio. They make me rather want to spit on the product rather than purchase it.

    1. Hey Pixelshifter, screengrab it for us if you can! We never knowingly permit these, but sometimes they sneak in, in the remnant ads. It’s hard for us to root them out without a screengrab.

    1. Anon@11: The last good one was My Baby is a Black Gay Agnostic Socialist. After that, they just started getting silly.

  7. Aha! I thought that intro sounded familiar… any other fans of The Illuminoids make the connection (“Nothing you have ever seen before…”?

  8. Yo dawg, I heard you like black, so I put a black in your baby so you can spawn while you spawn!

  9. The Opie and Anthony show played this video over the radio 3 or 4 years ago and did a bit on it.

  10. I think I agree with ‘Sean Eric FAgan’ on this one, like many lower-budget movies of the era (and today to a lesser extent) the trailer has VERY little to do with the movie itself… probably a real social drama edited for shock value.

  11. Just going to pug Muriel Spark’s short story “The Black Madonna” here, in which an infertile white couple pray for a baby and are rewarded with a black child.

  12. I was born in Iowa in the early 50’s. I was about 10 before I saw a black person other than on TV. Things have come a long way in my lifetime.

  13. This movie should be called:
    my mother is a white christian conservative woman!
    Far more scarier…

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