Tom the Dancing Bug: Super-Fun-Pak Comix





  1. I used to be the screenplay guy, although my “work” wasn’t a screenplay per se. That was a low point of my life and I always want to say something to the (depressingly numerous) screenplay guys I see every day.

  2. Is it still pretentious if I sit in Starbucks writing on my laptop when its for an RPG game I run for my friends or a fan-expansion for a long-dead wargaming franchise?

    I ask because at home, there is more beer within easy reach than tea and coffee and it seems to be affecting my productivity…

    1. Only if the logo’s showing.
      A few strips of masking tape usually takes care of that though.
      Et voila! Ironically unpretentious.

  3. “That’s a noble cause, but I wouldn’t have killed Hitler. I would’ve raped him…”

  4. The way out of the pretension dilemma is to make yourself take your work seriously and personally while realizing, ironically if you must, that this will only serve to push you, qua pretension, further into the realm of Serious Artist.

    btw, I do this with numerical analyses (god bless the thinkpad X61s). Is that worse than screenplays?

  5. Thanks for the cartoons! Have you ever seen “Adventures of Picasso”? Really funny Swedish movie!

  6. Up-and-coming screenwriters and directors often travel in pairs. Often they resemble a paler, pudgier version of the Matrix’s ‘Neo’, except with a Goatee or Van Dyke, and are usually fans of said Matrix franchise. They arrive at cafes and diners with laptops and notebooks in hand, and exhibit particular expertise in discussing their projects AS LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE while still sounding like they are really having a regular conversation. Take caution around these beasts, or you may find out what famous people they know…

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