Armless woman is embroidery expert

FootarmlessssRen Jiemei, of Shandong province, China, is the greatest embroiderer in her village of Haiyang. She has no arms. Over at AOL News, Marc Hartzman, author of American Sideshow, introduces us to Jiemei and other individuals from history who worked wonders with their feet.
"Threading a Needle No Problem for China's Armless Wonder"


    1. In before completely irrelevant political snarkery is dragged into the thread… Oops, too slow.

  1. An article about an embroidery expert and where are the examples of her embroidery?!?

  2. These guys (Mouth and Foot Painting Artists)

    are pretty awesome too.

    Somehow I got on their charity mailing list a few years back and for once was persuaded to send some money (seeing as they had sent a selection of xmas cards and other things gratis as ‘persuader’ to get people to donate).

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