David Mach's coat hanger and matchstick sculptures

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This giant coat hanger sculpture of gorilla (above left), by artist David Mach, has made the news recently with its installation at London's Royal Academy of Arts new Summer Exhibition opening this week. Mach has been making incredible sculptures out of unusual materials for two decades though. For example, he created a series of Matchheads, from wooden matchsticks, including the bear above, Buddha, a ram, and a gorilla. Also not to miss is his previous coat hanger sculpture of the female form, titled "Hooker." David Mach


  1. David Mach’s may be technically incredibly impressive but it is very, very corny.

  2. execution is well done, at least from what can be observed from his web page. #2, i partially agree with you, but calling his sculptures as being very corny is a little harsh(perhaps the little fuckers series is corny). sometimes figure sculptures are a study of the human figure and the medium itself, and i think his work displays that well.

  3. Why just the other night I was marveling over his coat-hanger astronaut down the road here in Hammersmith.

  4. I love this guy’s work – saw an exhibition (called Hell Bent) a few years back at Glasgow’s museum of modern art. He created a gigantic sculpture entitled ‘Bangers and Mash’ which filled the lower floor of the museum and was made of rolled up newspapers and old, rusted cars. Definitely worth a visit.

  5. All these match heads must be an enormous temptation for pyromaniacs.
    I’m certainly not condoning setting them alight, but if some deranged lunatic were to do it anyway, I would hope they’d put a video up on Youtube. Might even qualify for the Guggenheim.

    1. actually David Mach has set someof them alight he first got the idea when one accidently caught fire and created a blackend shape which he liked so he created and burned more of them

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