Poster for a notional Left 4 Dead movie

Alex created this poster for a notional movie based on the kick-ass video-game Left 4 Dead: "Lots of zombies. Four people." Left 4 Dead Movie Poster (via Wonderland)


  1. “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” —Albert Einstein

  2. wow. nice find oldboy.
    personally, i’m way more excited for the walking dead tv series than any possible L4D movie.

  3. I would have liked it better if the red people icons where arranged boy-boy-girl-boy because that is the same arrangement of actors names. I would not, however, change the order of the names because the distribution of their visual weight is pleasing.

  4. Agree with #4 – they pretty much made Left 4 Dead 2 already as Zombieland. Or at least it’s probably the movie I’d have made if I were in charge of the adaptation.

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