Tish Shute - Augmented Reality, ARWave, and the industry


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  1. bettinatizzy says:

    Now BoingBoingers know what the virtual world crowd has been aware of for quite some time: Tish is going to give digital innovation a thoughtful shake, wedding good sense with opensource. Read her meaty blogposts http://www.ugotrade.com/
    and you’ll learn more about the future faster.


  2. |R says:

    A good thoughtful read on the subject might be Steve Mann’s (2001) book: “Cyborg”.

    The interesting part about AR not turning evil is being in control of your data / platform, as always.

  3. Brainspore says:

    Dear technologists: thank you for not making the early 90′s visions of the internet come true. The goggles were stupid and I don’t have room in my den for one of those gyroscope thingies from “Lawnmower Man.”

    Love, Brainspore

  4. bluefin says:

    Really interesting. One of the big reasons that VR failed in the 90′s was not that you looked stupid in the goggles, or that it was so expensive, it was that there was a (slight) risk that you could damage your eyes using the eyeglasses/interfaces. This made the legal/financial risks too high.

    • Beelzebuddy says:

      I think most of our current “dark side” imaginings for AR may miss the point, as we are so early on in our understanding of the potential and diversity of AR experiences.

      They’re going to involve an always-on Facebook-style invasion of privacy, with the only “opt out” being to leave your gizmos off and get by on regular reality. Like Rudy says:

      “AR is hoping to be a next big thing, a cozier and more commerce-driven cousin of the old VR, or virtual reality.”

      You don’t need new vocabulary like “glocal” to read the e-writing on the wall.

      • Atresica says:

        Hi, you might be happy to know then that the ARWave project’s purpose is to prevent this dystopia from happening. We intent to create a protocol for AR that allows people complete choice over their AR feeds :)

        ARWave has many benefits, but for me the greatest benefit is that the wave-protocol gives you control over the spread of your data. Your data is not automatically available for all to see like we have with http now. Rather, like e-mail, people only see what you publish to them.

        The wave-protocol itself is also chosen because wave can be used and operated by everyone. This makes sure that there will be no one party in control of all the data, like we have with Facebook now.

        I too saw a future full of walled gardens and adverts and me and the others of the ARWave group agree that this should be prevented at all costs.

        - Bertine van Hövell

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