Bruce Damer - Burning Man, NASA, & artificial life


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  1. hassenpfeffer says:

    Lots of malformed HTML here, with pieces of text obviously omitted. Even the source doesn’t make sense.

  2. David Pescovitz says:

    Yep working on it.

  3. PeaceNerd says:

    Glad to see a little shout out for Reverend Billy. He started off as a performance artist doing an anti-consumerist parody of televangelists… and somehow, amazingly, he’s become one of the most talented, artful, essential and authentic preachers living today. For serious.

  4. rothstei says:

    I would just like to come clean, and say that I’m the one who has been stealing all the &lt from BoingBoing’s html open tags lately. While I’m sorry that it has lead to many broken links, I’m not sorry that I took them, because I used them to build this


    mighty javelin, which I now spear into many things.

  5. hassenpfeffer says:

    Thanks, David!

  6. andydub says:

    Great to see him featured here. Nice interview. Have enjoyed listening to his conversations with Lorenzo on some Psychedelic Salon podcasts.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to know which virtual worlds were used for these projects?

  8. feedbackart says:

    Hey Andy. See you in September at the Hofmann potluck reunion.
    Thanks to BoingBoing! Big fan of you and Damer. Thanks for dropping the word on the Psychedelic Salon as part of the bit! Education, not condemnation!

  9. craig1st says:

    Good to see that Bruce Damer is still working on discovering things. VR, avatars, augmented reality, miniaturization and ubiquitous access, Bruce has been a mover in these things for ages, and we’re still in very early days.

  10. headphonegirl says:

    always with the Burning Man

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