Happy Father's Day!

As Groucho Marx once sang, "Today, father, is Father's Day, and we're giving you a tie."

In that spirit, I'd like to wish the very happiest of Father's Days to all the dads out there, especially my wonderful dad, Gord Doctorow (shown here in Algonquin Park with me, aged 6 weeks), and my brother Neil, my brother-in-law Robbie, Rusty, my uncles, David and Mark, and all the other pops in the world.

I'm having a great day! It started with breakfast in bed, a new watch and three cards, and now we're off for brunch, a swim, and massages!

Groucho Marx sings "Father's Day", from An Evening With Groucho


  1. I’ve spent two summers in Algonquin park and it is really a lovely place.

    Granted the second summer ended in a wolf attack and the park officially rather mismanaged the whole thing, but still the park itself is a pretty unique place.

    . . . funny to see it mentioned here.

  2. Best wishes from one father to another :-)
    btw I hope you have permission from Dominion Photoservices to copy their photo :-)

  3. I would have to say I hate father’s day because my father ran out on my mom when I was just a new born.

  4. I wish all countries in the world decided on one and the same date for fathers day. Instead we have 20 or something scattered dates. Fathers of the world (and their spawn), unite!

  5. My fathers dying words to me were, “I hate you, I hope you die.” almost 20 years ago to this day (July 1st.)

    If there was just one thing I could go back in time and change, it would be to simply say “I’m sorry” to him.

    Don’t let petty things stand between you and the people you love.

  6. Sorry to hear that JP. :(

    Met my dad for the first time in 2007, 30 years after he walked away, so he won’t be getting a ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ Mug anytime soon.

    All the advertising for father’s day is pretty isolating. I hope to god no-one asks me if i did anything nice for father’s day at work.

  7. Cory —

    Groucho was my grandfather so I’m honored you included this on your blog, which is one of my favorites. I hadn’t heard this in a while, so I forgot how great it really is, as is the whole concert.

    Happy Father’s Day!

      1. Wow. I see that Andy Marx has done some interview work for AMC and I’m wondering if he has some secret repository of ‘Marxist’ knowledge,
        or memories that he’d like to share with us. Wouldn’t he be an interesting guest blogger?

  8. The best part (for me) of Groucho’s father’s day song (for me)was the line “…according to our mother, you’re our father… and that’s good enough for us, yes, that’s good enough for us!”

    Again, great post. To our fathers, and our father’s fathers. Huzzah!

  9. I’m glad someone got a watch. All those full page watch ads running in the newspapers since before Mother’s Day tells me the industry has fallen on hard times. So many of us are on Net time that watches are just a curiosity.

  10. resolving a bit of father-related ignorance here — someone had told me that you’re E.L. Doctorow’s son, which obviously is wrong. Is there any relation?

    Thanks, and happy (belated) father’s day!

  11. the 1 yr starts waking at 3. fitful sleep until 4 when the 3 yr old comes in to our room. at 5 the 1yr ramps it up and we are all awake. pretty much continuous crying, pushing, and fussing until noon when my wife takes the kids off to a cookout with our most boring friends so that I can get a few hours of work done on the trim in the entryway. back pain at 3:30. family returns at 4. my wife doesn’t like the color of the stain and complains about the smell of the paneling adhesive. more pushing and crying from the kids. burn the fish on the grill because of distractions from the kids. neither one wants to eat. at 6:30 my wife remembers and wishes me a happy father’s day. bath at 6:45. 3yr old attempts to drown the 1 yr old. 1 yr old collapses for the night after a fit at about 7:10. the next 45 minutes are spent trying to the get the 3 yr old ready for bed as he runs around screaming for completely irrational wishes (to go the zoo, to read a book we’ve already returned to the library, to eat ice cream, to wear the jammies that he threw up on last night and have not been washed…). he and i both fall asleep on his bed around 8:30. i wake at 10 congested and with asthma. pop a benadryl and crawl into my own bed. now that i am at work with the kids at daycare, I relax.

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