IT Crowd season premiere sneak peek

Channel 4 is previewing the first episode of the next season of the awesomely funny nerd sitcom The IT Crowd. I just watched it and howled with laughter -- it's got D&D, comeuppance for sexist pigs, and failed nerd romance. What more could you ask for?

Caveat: Channel 4 has got a ton of BS you have to jump through to watch this. Foreigners will have to find a UK proxy to watch through, and you'll have to register an account (I just used a Disposeamail email).

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  1. Well, that was futile :-)

    Create account to register with
    Fill in reg. form
    Go get activation code
    Sorry, this code is not valid, please paste it from your mail
    Sorry, this code is not valid, please reregister
    Sorry, that email address has already been used to register. Please try a different email address.
    Swear and decide to wait for someone to rip it and hang it somewhere in the interclouds

      1. japroach, I’ll share with you the mad hacking skills I used to find it:

        I went to my browser whatseewhosit, and typed in “” When the magic youtube picture loaded, I typed in “IT Crowd Series 4” in to the little white rectangle. (Actually, I only had to type in “IT” before it popped up in the suggestion list.) Then I pressed return.

        It was a little less satisfying than just dropping an f-bomb at some other poster, but it achieved the desired results.

  2. That’s too much hassle …

    it is out in the torrent world as well … not that I would ever use that …

  3. …and that torrent might, theoretically, be called “The.IT.Crowd.S04E01.WS.4oD.XViD-COWARD.avi”. :D

  4. I’ve just re-watched the entire series on in anticipation of the event. “The Work Outing” episode is possibly the best piece of comedic timing I’ve ever seen.

    1. Thanks CJP. Great clip. I watched the first year after being turned on to it by Cory, but lost interest during the sophomore season. This I now realize was a huge mistake.

      For the record: IMHO the prize for all-time best comedic timing is shared between Bob Newhart and Betty White.

  5. The first three seasons are can be streamed on Netflix, so this season should end up there too if you don’t want to torrent.

  6. A year and a half since the third season?

    Six episodes a season?

    Who does Channel 4 think they are? HBO?

    Yeah, I’ll be watching. No, I won’t be paying for a VPN. :D

    1. BBC was doing the quality over quantity thing long before HBO picked it up.

      And personally I,ll take the wait and the short seasons over the stream of pale insipid watered down pap that often passes for a sitcom in the States.

      1. People eat the pap up though, Smart sitcoms sink in the ratings while mindless drivel like Everybody Loves Raymond and Two and Half Men are huge hits. The networks just give the drooling masses what they want.

    2. You have to remember that unlike the mass produced stuff on the US networks sitcoms in the UK are written by individuals or (more normally) pairs of writers. They can’t and don’t churn out a whole ‘season’ of blandities… you get a series of 6

      Most British TV works in series of 6, ‘seasons’ are something different

  7. Thanks for the heads-up Cory, I can’t wait. I guess I’m one the few people who can deal with delayed gratification, I’ll wait for the Season 4 box set to come out and complete my collection.

    cjp, you are 100% correct. That is the funniest episode of the series, imho.

    k88dad, 1.5 years is nothing. Boondocks fans wait about 3 years between seasons. Totally worth it tho. It’s the best animated show ever.

  8. The previously on BoingBong code may need some tweaking. It’s 2.5 times the size of the post.

  9. Could someone please explain the appeal of this show to me? The wife and I tried to watch it after hearing many good things, but gave up after three episodes. We thought it was absolutely awful, just as cliched, lazy, and and obnoxious as “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “King of Queens” or “The Big Bang Theory.” The latter has also been recommended to me due to my undeniable nerdiness, but I don’t believe a bad comedy becomes good simply because the poorly written characters happen to share, nominally, certain interests with me.

    I admit the set designers are talented and passionate, but for me, this was exactly the kind of banal “Britcom” that Ricky Gervais pilloried so brilliantly in “Extras.”

    I wanted to like the IT Crowd, and feel like I went in with a more than open mind. So tell me, fellow mutants, what am I missing about the “IT Crowd?”

    1. ‘I admit the set designers are talented and passionate, but for me, this was exactly the kind of banal “Britcom” that Ricky Gervais pilloried so brilliantly in “Extras.” ‘

      I think that’s part of what Graham Lineham was aiming for; a traditional studio based sitcom performed in front of an audience.

      1. I agree with you.

        And I hope the last scene of the very last episode involves the inevitable Yakkity-Sax chase scene, a la Benny Hill.

  10. Book guy, I went there and only found the trailer. BUT, lunadude’s megaupload link worked fine for me, though I have an automatic membership through ninjavideo (you know, were I to use a site like that) who I am surprised did not have it themselves.

    And to the guy that didn’t get/like it. Now I can empathize with the dude who jumped up my comment butt when I said Upright Citizens Brigade was just not funny.

  11. torrenting something like this is fairly common and one shouldn’t be ashamed to mention that it’s avalable as a torrent. the internet has been around a while, you know : )

  12. The important question here is which – if any – proxy services are actually worthy of a subscription?

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