Hello Kitty motor oil

I have it on the best of authority (well, not really -- just a post on a random blog) that this Hello Kitty 30-weight motor oil is a real product. Vroom, vroom. Meow.

Hello Kitty Engine oil - Yes its for real


  1. What country uses SAE measurements for oil viscosity, and also measures containers in liters?

    1. Several countries that is..
      SAE and API classifications are widely known and easily understandable worldwide, SI (metric) measurements are on the other hand much easier to understand outside US or GB.

  2. Brilliant! Produce motor oil from feral cats. Control an invasive species and reduce dependence on foreign oil at the same time.

    What? It’s not made from kitties? Damn.

  3. We have a photo of my dear and beloved Thai wife from back when we met in 1988 in Bangkok in which she is wearing a counterfeit Hello Kitty skirt. It has a picture of the kitty being rained on and instead of “Hello Kitty,” it simply says “Hell.”

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