WSJ on the clothes of Mad Men

The Wall Street Journal has an article about Janie Bryant, the "costume czarina" of Mad Men. She also designed the costumes for Deadwood. What a talent!

 Public Resources Images Ob-Is079 Madmen Dv 20100602124700 [Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner:] "Because Janie grew up in Tennessee, she is very attuned to formality and the way that things stay pretty much the same the further you get from Los Angeles or New York. People don’t always change with the times. Part of the story that we are trying to tell is about the loosening of all this stuff–the crudening of manners and style as the period changes. Janie and I talk about that all the time and try to signal it in little ways, like with a character taking off his hat in the elevator. It’s unusual for a costume designer to stay on this long, and that means so much since here continuity really matters."

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