BP "reporter" flies over oil spill, "filled with wonderment"

Directly lifted from BP's blog, and first mocked on the Rachel Maddow Show:

• Planet BP reporter Tom Seslar flies with an oil-spotting crew over the Gulf of Mexico and sees a deeper appreciation of the relationship between coast and sea and energy and nature than can be had on the ground or in a boat.

• "It's strangely peaceful up here - just right for surrendering to some meditation.

• I'm filled with the wonderment of what's happening below our chopper only moments after it lifts off from an airport in Houma, La."

• "It's likely there will be no alternative to the Gulf as a key source of American energy for decades to come. That's why it is so essential to protect it. Even the most severe critics of the oil industry tend to accept that reality."

"Reporter" Tom Seslar, I have a message for you on behalf of America (and her reporters): go suck it.

Flying higher to get closer to the spill response - 15 June 2010. There's more where that came from. Oh, they have a YouTube channel for this crap, too, specimen above. (BP.com)


  1. Make fun of it if want but the gulf will be that energy resource for the US like it or not. Reality bites but it is reality. That is until you can capture those unicorn farts for the co-generation plant

    1. Here’s the reality: Protecting the Gulf as a natural environment isn’t the same thing as protecting the Gulf as a source of oil. But BP sure would like people to believe that the two are one and the same.

      The BP shill tossed out a line, and you bit, hook, line and sinker.

    2. Except America doesn’t own that oil, BP, a multi- national corporation does. They can sell that oil to anyone they please. Just because we let them drill off of our shores doesn’t mean we get the oil.

  2. “My appreciation for the enormity of the oil industry…”

    As a twitter friend (@DavidSlack) points out: BP shill sets out to make the usual mistake with ‘enormity’, inadvertently manages to be dead on the money.

    1. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/enormity

      “Enormity, some people insist, is improperly used to denote large size. They insist on enormousness for this meaning, and would limit enormity to the meaning “great wickedness.” Those who urge such a limitation may not recognize the subtlety with which enormity is actually used.”

  3. Hmm. You know, that might not be a bad idea. We should make all the BP execs and the regulatory board that was literally in bed with them go clean up the beaches with their mouths.

    If they’re going to screw up this bad, the lease they can do is suffer debilitating long-term health effects.

    1. I’m so glad there’s somebody else whose first instinct was to hit the vuvuzela button…

  4. Could we for instance be informed not with these YouTubers in PR flyovers, but maybe from an actual resident instead. One who’s more involved in actually living there, and more than slightly concerned about what they see as a big problem ?

    For instance, along these lines:

    Louisianan Kindra Arnesan With a Personal Inside Look At BP GoM Response

  5. Well, since BP is hiring goons to keep reporters from public beaches, the only way we are going to get news is from BP. Duh! :-)

    Here’s a link to a video showing how crystal-clean Florida beaches are. Make sure to not have any breakables nearby. For the purposes of righteous fury, BP and federal officials are not breakable.


  6. Yes, “wonderment” certainly describes the feeling I have.

    I don’t know what untapped reserves of oil and gas the Gulf of Mexico holds, but BP have only begun to tap reserves of gall that could sustain corporate PR well into the 22nd century.

  7. Hayward’s video makes the point the point I’ve been making since the start of this mess: There is no way to effectively, “clean up” a major oil spill. It’s just not possible.

    Mind you, I’m glad for the hundreds (thousands?) of workers who are doing the best they can. It helps, of course. Every gallon recovered is a gallon not in the ecosystem. Best luck to them.

    But in the end, what we need to do is end off shore drilling. A first step towards that is the pause on new drilling Obama asked for recently, and a roll back of the expansion of off shore drilling he put in place a few months ago.

    Then, quickly address the supply side of our oil addiction (more fuel efficient cars, bike lanes, etc).

  8. Hmm did I run into the BB censor? Can’t take the criticism?

    Frankly, the US uses a disgusting amount of the world’s resources. 4% of the global population, 24% of the oil production.

    BP is rank, and unrighteous, which has become clear over the last 60 days. Prior to that, speculation and rumour abounded, which could not feed accurate reportage of this incident.

    But as was pointed out in the congressional committees, all the oil companies displayed the same contempt for safety, as so eloquently demonstrated by all of them having the same dead man in their emergency reaction phone lists.

    There’s a famous phrase that comes to mind – patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. American statement that, isn’t it?

    Can’t take the heat – get out of the kitchen.

    1. the secret to Tony’s soft and lustrous curly hair?

      i have been doing quite a bit of research on this as i play an investigative journalist extra on law and order. what i have found is baby’s blood.

  9. As someone pointed above, the whole whitewash of the right wing neocon republitard fuckwads “drill baby bill” is done by multinational often non-US companies who will gladly selling their oil to non-US countries, other than selling and buying their stocks to the small sliver of people who own them, the wealthy elite, who could care less about you and me and the thousands who will suffer from their greed and carelessless.

    I used to do work for a large nuclear conglomerate in marketing (we’ll leave it at that). Couple times I worked out of their “oh shit” bunkers they have usually just far enough of a nuke plant in case of a total nuclear china syndrome, the bunkers are huge, elaborate, sometimes looking like the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise. Right near the command center table front and center facing big screens which can handle conference calls or watching the media is instructions on spin, spin, spin. But more telling was if the “oh shit” scenario played out at the plants nearby, there was a list, in big lettering, who to call first.
    1. The CEOs and/or corporate leadership at the company, mind you, this was if there’s a meltdown, big shit going down, but, hey, gotta call their leaders, make sure their stocks don’t plummet, income baby
    2. Their PR department (by now people might be dying but they need to know how to spin it)
    3. Government leadership, and maybe it’s my bitterness but, as this was Bush years, it seems to hint don’t call Pelosi or them darned Democrats, make sure it’s the GOP people, they’ll always back big biz over the little guy, screw them, they’re dupes (obviously, eight years of Bush)
    4. The Press but ONLY after PR got back to you and tell them nothing and direct them to #2 and only if you didn’t get ahold of PR, they were specific about which PR
    5. Something about the public i.e. some other channel they had created about the public so info could get to them, at this stage too alert evacuation plans
    6. The EPA wing of the government. Environment? Nuclear or as dumbfuck Dubya pronounced it “newc’lar” is like oil, it’s profit, fuck the environment, fuck the little person, make sure your biz keeps generating profits for the rich elite and spin spin spin.

    In short, meet your alternative, just as greedy, evil, soulless, and as in bed/bribing government and spinning you little people a plate of shit and expecting you to except a plateful of seconds.

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