Handmade jointed glass robotling

Etsy seller Jenine sez, "I flameworked a tiny jointed glass robot in Pyrex glass. Every component of its body is sculpted by hand, with a torch. The robot is fully jointed, made only of glass, and it stands about 3 inches tall."

He's adorable!

Handmade Jointed Glass Robot (Thanks, Jenine!)


  1. Pyrex, or “something like Pyrex?” I thought that Pyrex was trademarked and patented by Dow-Corning.

    (Maybe the patent has expired, but I’m an IP kind of person, and would hate to see Jenine get served by corporate lawyers….)

    They’re very pretty, and would look astounding on top of a colour-changing LED pedestal base.

    1. Why the hell would she get served by Dow-Corning lawyers?

      Damn, layers got people all jumpy.

      The work is delightful, and a steal at $200 considering the fine detailed work.

  2. Pyrex is a Corning Inc trademark. Pyrex is also used as a brand name for borosilicate glass sold by Corning, which is frequently used for lamp work.

  3. Robots? That are adorable and tiny and fragile? I want to have one and keep him with me and teach him feelings. Feelings like love and impotent rage. And caution, because he is, after all, made of glass.

  4. Fully jointed feels the wrong term for fixed elbows and neck. But that’s a nitpick: this is an delightful show of skill.

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