An interesting video featuring a "strong man" and his "assistant."

Robert Popper finds the weirdest things.


  1. This was a bit like a car crash video. You have a good idea what is going to happen, but can’t look away. Fortunately, they never broke out the baby oil. I won’t have to gouge out my eyes.

  2. It is actually very, very hard to catch natural selection at work but it is darn easy to find it slacking off on the job.

  3. “Are you going deeper than normal? Just don’t toss me, okay? Don’t toss me.” *grunt*

    I can’t imagine all that jumping is good for that old man’s spine….

  4. I have seen this referred to as “pony play” or “shoulder sit” as a fetish (with lots of videos on youtube) of older men paying to sit on the shoulders of a big strong guy.

    I swear I was looking for instructions on how to do a ballroom dance lift when I first came across these videos.

  5. I’m sure this started with a Craig’s List ad, but I’m not sure which one placed it.

  6. Is a chubby man’s crotch in your ear really worth a heart attack? And how would you explain that to the paramedics?

    “Um, I just kept telling him to do deeper squats…and I was sitting on his shoulder. No sir, I can’t really explain the speedo.”

  7. you know what? This is two guys who are, from what I can tell, not hurting each other or anyone else.

    Weird? You betcha.

    But gramps, you go on and be your weird self.

    captcha: stuffy He


  8. They´re kinda cute, seem like nice blokes, not hurting anyone just like Lectroid said. Got a few chuckles.. but this really isn´t that weird at all, considering all the other stuff one can find on youtube.

    1. In Russia strong man sit on assistant. WHAT A COUNTRY!

      Seriously, whatever these folks are doing, why did they choose to express their lov… I mean, show off their talents in a dingy hotel room?

      Also, bet they went to Denny’s afterwards.

  9. This couple have appeared in clips on Attack of the Show” more than once, they’re having fun!

  10. Someone should send this to Kim Jong-il and explain this is how Senators in the U.S. prepare their staff for ascension.

  11. Of the myriad g-rated youtube fetish vids out there, “Lift and carry” are my supa favey fave!

  12. These guys were on Tosh.0, except the assistant was punching the strongman in his petite man boobies repeatedly.

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